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This style was deleted by the site admin. The reason given was Deleted by admin - contains non-loading images - Dec 5 2012. Instead, try:

4chan - Midnight Caek
or other 4chan themes.

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Parts taken from other 4chan Styles (mostly Yosuba2 from here and examples on 4chan

I kept the color schemes of the boards just rounded somethings out, changed some fonts, and made somethings transparent

Have fun with it

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4Chan - WS Skin
Author ChronoStriker1
License © ChronoStriker1.
Created Sep 6, 2008
Updated Jan 25, 2010
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Installs (total) 1,211
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Here is the NSFW version
NSFW as in colors not content

Embeded the transparent png's now the only file that hosting would be an issue with would be the backgound
Fixed the color slightly to closer match the original reply color
and here is the link to the base64 encoder I used (don't want to bookmark it, but don't want to loose the link ether.)
Added the fix for background on single images
Made background image 50% transparency so its easier to read long text on a first post

Had to change the image for the background as filesmelt seems to have changed. I also uploaded different sized to it 25_percent_faded.png, and faded.png (thats full size)

Added support for new boards



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