- Using Stylish for Chrome

Welcome to the help page of Stylish for Chrome. In this page you'll learn how to use the Stylish Chrome extension and the Stylish library (

User Styles in Stylish, also known as website themes/skins, are created by the Stylish community. Our members volunteer their skills and time to create styles for every website in the world. Issues with a specific style should be referred to that style creator (see below). Issues related to creating a style can be referred to the Stylish forum.

Watch this short video to learn how to use the Stylish extension (created by a Stylish community member – DecentM).

Installing Stylish and Website Styles

  1. Go to the Stylish for Chrome install page
  2. Click on the 'Add to Chrome' button
  3. Click 'Add' on the confirmation dialog
  4. Stylish's icon will be added to your browser's toolbar
  5. Visit any website and click on the Stylish icon
  6. You'll see the top 6 available themes for the visited site
  7. You can install any of them by hovering on the theme's thumbnail and clicking on the 'Install Style' button
  8. You can also click on 'View more styles for this site' and continue browsing in the Stylish library
User styles only take effect on your computer; others can't see what you've changed unless they also use the same user style.

Managing Installed Styles

There are two ways to manage installed styles:

Through the 'Installed Styles' tab

  1. Go to the website for which you want to manage installed styles
  2. Click on the Stylish's extension and click on the 'Installed Styles' tab
  3. You'll see all of your installed styles for the visited website
  4. Hover on any of them and you'll see the following management buttons:
    • Edit – takes you to the 'Edit Style' page (local changes)
    • Deactivate/Activate – to turn the style on or off
    • Delete – to remove the style from your browser (doesn't delete the style from the Stylish library)
    • Send feedback – takes you to a feedback form that reaches the style creator (you need to be logged in to to send feedback)

Through the 'Manage Styles' page

  1. Go to any website
  2. Click on the Stylish's icon
  3. Click on the 'Manage Styles' button
  4. You'll reach a page that contains all of your installed styles for all websites
  5. From this page you'll be able to deactivate/activate styles, edit styles, delete styles and check for updates and update styles

Removed style but it's still applied?

User styles can also be installed as user scripts in Chrome. User scripts appear in Chrome's Extensions page. If you've removed a style from Stylish but it still appears active, check to see if you've installed it as a user script in by clicking the Chrome settings icon (three lines), Tools, Extensions.


Stylish can be removed like any other extension. To keep Stylish but remove individual styles, see "Managing styles" above.

Stylish toolbar button

Stylish will install a toolbar button after installation to provide quick access to Stylish functions. This button can be hidden by right-clicking it and choosing "Hide button". To restore the button, click the Chrome settings icon (three lines), Tools, Extensions, and press "Show button" for the Stylish icon.

"An error has occurred using the Stylish database. Would you like to visit a web page with possible solutions?"

See here.