- Keyword addition for Add/Change Bookmark (Fx3)

Include Keyword, Location URL, and Description when adding bookmark (Ctrl+D), or with the Firefox 3 bookmark star to add or modify a bookmark.

The description will fill in automatically from webpages that include the description META tag, and you can change it to what you want.

By including the keyword in your bookmark Name it will show up in a location bar autocomplete search (AwesomeBar) and a bookmark search.  I place the keyword at the beginning of most of my Name/Title line and most of my public keyworded bookmarks are in the "K" folder of my Bookmarks Toolbar to help me remember the keyword assigned.

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

Keyword addition for Add/Change Bookmark (Fx3)
Author David McRitchie
License CC-NC-SA
Created Jul 24, 2008
Updated Feb 15, 2010
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Keyword is Not included in and by itself in a Location Bar autocomplete search in History and Bookmark searches so you should include your keyword at least somewhere in the Name(/Title).  There are some codes that will help with such searches. 
  * Bookmarks, ^ History, + Tags, # Title, @ URL, ~ Typed, % Tabs.

I think this is a substitute for the "OpenBook" extension that Firefox 3 was so useless without.  This style was written to provide the same facility thanks to chrome tweaks information found at, and now that the "OpenBook" extension has also been updated you now have a choice between using an extension or using a style.

As a style you can tweak the Add/Change Bookmark to provide what you want, with the OpenBook extension you can resize the dialog. Without the use of either, you would be forced to create the bookmark and then bring up bookmark properties afterwards to add the Keyword.
The "Add Bookmark Here ²" extension replaces the "OpenBook" extension and has additional features (see my notes).

The keyword is available in Version 3, had been lost when Version 2 usage was dropped.
#keywordRow { display: -moz-grid-line !important; } /* Fx2 */

Keyword shortcuts are much more than just aliases, or shortcuts for searching, they can be modified by substitution, and can make invoking bookmarks with JavaScript (bookmarklets) easier.  As bookmarklets you can even open more than one one link at a time, such as invoking multiple search engines or other references with the same arguments.  See "Firefox Keyword Shortcuts" --

Showing the Keyword in the Library list (View, Organize Bookmarks), add desired columns through the View menu of the Library list, or by right-clicking on column heading button.  Then search there on colon(":") as that appears in all bookmarks including JavaScript, and sort on Keyword.  More information in and in

Extensions of Additional Interest:
"keywordManager" --
"Add Bookmark Here ²" -- has additional features that were not in the "Open Book" extension.

Comment Replies based on Feedback / Review:
  • Firefox version 3.5 provides a plus sign in lower left corner for resizing the dialog window (but missing again in Minefield 3.6).  Order of items and title bar is beyond my control.  I would have added more items (see comments in code for sources), but the size interfered with Organize Bookmarks (Library list).  The way Firefox 3 has attached the dialog to the toolbar similar to a menu, means you can't go elsewhere to copy and paste afterwards into the Add/Change Bookmark dialog.  (Bug: 404507, 419713, 420813) If you use keywords and have signed up with bugzilla, please vote on Bug 404507 to make keyword in the dialog once again part of the keyword addition dialog.
  • Added line for @namespace...gatekeeper since it no longer interferes with Library List (Ctrl+Shift+B).  The line appears to be unneeded by Windows users, but appears to be needed by Linux users.
David McRitchie, style 9029, Firefox 3.0 and up, updates since 2008-07-24
2010-02-14 include @namespace...gatekeeper



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