- Vfox3 - More Safari-like (Mac OS X)

Note: This is only for OS X users. If you're using Windows or Linux you should use this style: Vfox3 - More Safari-like (Windows/Linux).

Tweaks the Vfox3 theme to look more like Safari 4. Before installing this style you need to move the stop and reload buttons to the
right of the URL bar, and put the reload button to the right of the stop button. Here's what it changes:

General tweaks:

Makes the status bar shorter
Merges the stop and reload buttons into a Safari-style stop/reload/throbber button in the URL bar
Puts the close button on the left side of tabs
Only shows the close button when there are multiple tabs open and one is hovered over
Hides favicons on tabs
Shows throbber on the right side of non-selected tabs when pages are loading
Removes the tab list button from the tab bar
Removes the go button from the URL and search bars
Removes the bookmark star and drop-down marker from the URL bar
Prevents the identity box from expanding
Replaces the search engine icon with the Safari magnifying

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

Vfox3 - More Safari-like (Mac OS X)
Author Wes M
License © Wes M.
Created Jul 10, 2009
Updated Jun 12, 2010
Installs (this week) 3
Installs (total) 2,174
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