- FaceBlack (Black Facebook by a3cAnton)

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By a3cAnton, Lights off in facebook .. Kill a lot of ads , social plugin excluded.
Customizable modifying CSS variables.
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FaceBlack (Black Facebook by a3cAnton)
Author a3cAnton
License © a3cAnton.
Created May 9, 2012
Updated Apr 19, 2017
Installs (this week) 1,005
Installs (total) 2,173,868
Average rating Good
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Basic update info, more details, questions, answers and more in my facebook page :

09-05-2012 First release.
09-01-2013 Opera support, new changes in timeline , changes in chat buttons.
29-08-2013 Fixed crap when "graph search enabled" ( thanks @pfeiffer stylez for the suggestion ), fixed new "insights page", fixed some close buttons.
30-08-2013 Fixed blank areas ( thanks @Snowhead ), fixed blank areas in admin page, help page & developers page, removed gradient in username,more little fixes.
21-11-2013 fixed chat bubbles, little fixes.
22-11-2013 chat bubbles re-tweaked, now in 3D.
20-02-2014 Readed messages and unreaded messages in different colors, fixed message icons, more contrast in chat bubbles text ( more readable ), fixed background color in apps, fixed position in some image arrows and menues.
21-02-2014.Fixed white profile background in Chrome browser.
28-03-2014 New fixes in new layout.
29-04-2014 Fixed bright bubbles ( thanks Pfeiffer stytlez ), more little fixes.
23-07-2014 Renewed all code.
fixes.. textboxes now are translucent.
24-07-2014 Fixes in Eng US version
26-07-2014 Fixed blank areas thx to "Ivan Atanasoff" , "Adam Tsiolas" for fast reporting.
30-07-2014 Fixed bluebar again..
02-08-2014 Fixed some clear areas in games, profile and timeline, fixed edit icons.
07-08-2014 Fixed items after last Facebook page update.
08-08-2014 Fixed clear areas in settings section ( thanks to Adam Tsiolas for reporting)
28-08-2014 Fixed sidenav color, fixed searchbar icon, chat & chat bar buttons, added ads blocker again.
07-10-2014 Fixed some icons, and clear zone in apps config section.
15-10-2014 Fixed recent changes in profile, fixed some icons, fixed "legal".
18-11-2014 Some little fixes, more info at my facebook page :)
20-11-2014 Fixed comment boxes, new upload photo & sticker buttons, new red notifications (rounded)
26-11-2014 Fixed Timeline plus other tweaks.
28-11-2014 New fix in timeline, fixed messages state, flyouts hovered els and more.
22-12-2014 Fixed right column background in timeline, fixed "add sticker" button, fixed some icons.
09-01-2015 little fixes, more details in my facebook page.
18-02-2015 More little fixes.
04-03-2015 More little fixes.
05-03-2015 Minor update with more little fixes.
26-06-2015 Minor update.
04-07-2015 More fixes.
17-07-2015 Temporal fixes, work still in progress.
..Fixed ticker.
..Fixed messages section ( admin-page )
18-07-2015 Fixed clear areas when sharing content in groups or message.
04-08-2015 Little update with fixes.
03-09-2015 Fixed prgressbars & volume bars in facebook video.
07-10-2015 Fixed search button.
11-11-2015 New update, better appearance.
05-12-2015 Fixed background in multi-messages (thx Piotr Niewiadomski for reporting), fixed some icons (invert), fixed determinate listboxes for better appearance.
12-12-2015 Little fix in blank area.
11-01-2016 Some fixes.
06-02-2016 Fixed bluebar & embed video controls.
16-05-2016 Various fixes.
20-06-2016 Fixed top bar and more fixes.
05-09-2016 Some fixes.
13-12-2016 Fixed some changes in new facebook code. More fixes soon.
19-01-2017 Various fixes in new layout.
23-01-2017 Messenger appearance.
15-02-2017 Added CSS variables and various fixes.
12-03-2017 Fixed theater mode, icons ,new popups..
14-03-17 Fixed icons & bubbles in messenger, chat.. Plus more fixes with some borders & inverted images.
Added bubble setting in CSS variables, so u can choose easily the color.

13-04-17 Many fixes with new layout.



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