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GitHub Dark
Author StylishThemes
License CC BY-SA
Created Sep 19, 2010
Updated Mar 22, 2017
Installs (this week) 851
Installs (total) 76,911
Average rating Good
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See the full change log here

*Update* 2/13/2017: Syntax themes for GitHub, CodeMirror and Jupyter can now be set separately. Added partial support for Base16 Ocean Dark & Dracula themes.

*Update* 10/1/2016: Added Monokai spacegray Eighties theme; thanks to [torrentails](! And added GitHub Dark theme.

*Update* 9/25/2016: GitHub switched to using CodeMirror. [A few themes are supported](

*Update* 9/21/2016: Replaced the "default" background image with a cross-hatch pattern. The previous default has been renamed to "Original".

*Update* 9/14/2016: Lots of style updates! Including projects & timeline review threads.

*Update* 7/18/2016: Split out selected tab color style

*Update* 3/24/2016: Add support for GitHub-awesome-autocomplete.

*Update* 2/27/2016: Add Obsidian syntax highlighting theme.

*Update* 2/24/2016: Add support for Github-canned-responses

*Update* 1/25/2016: Switched code wrap default to no wrap.

*Update* 12/27/2015: Updated Jupyter themes to include GitHub API pages.

*Update* 11/17/2015: Add new tab styling.

*Update* 7/14/2015: Add Mono Industrial Clear theme.

*Update* 5/15/2015: Add Jupyter notebook styling/syntax highlighting support.

*Update* 2/12/2015: Added custom code font input - add your monospace font of choice (installed on your system) to the beginning of the font stack.

*NOTE* 12/5/2014: All available syntax highlighting themes are now fully supported; some may still need a few tweaks...

*NOTE* 11/28/2014: Full syntax highlight support added for Idle Fingers, Monokai, Pastel on Dark and all Tomorrow Night themes.

*NOTE* 11/15/2014: Full syntax highlighting support added for Twilight & Solarized Dark themes. Remaining themes will use the Twilight syntax highlighting theme for code views (for now); the chosen theme will only be applied to the Ace Editor until that theme is completely updated.

*NOTE* 11/13/2014: User styles limit has been increased. So the language colors will be added back.

*NOTE* 11/12/2014: GitHub recently changed their syntax highlighting style, so we ended up removing all of the previous syntax highlighting themes for the file view. On a happy note, we have added a few dark ace editor (Gists & editing files online) syntax highlighting themes. Once we can determine how to convert the previous pygments themes over into this new format, it will be combined with the ace style. For reference, you can see the different ace syntax highlighting themes here.

*NOTE* After 11/11/2014, the css added here may or may not be compressed to stay under the 100,000 byte limit, so using the "Show CSS" toggle may show a truncated version of this style.

*ISSUE* 9/2014 background images are being blocked due to a Content Security Policy directive on GitHub. Please see this page for more details.

*NEW* Renamed style to GitHub Dark (capital "H") 2/9/2014

*NEW* Pick a syntax highlighting theme! Use this visualization demo to help pick one.

*NEW* Pick a background image!

*NOTE* The repo was moved (12/9/2013), so images may not show up until you update the style.



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