- Dark Fusion - Google

The background is completely customizable (no image required). The Google Doodle is optional.

Supports almost every Google site, most notable are Search, Translate, Plus, Play, Drive, and Account management.

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

(Though installing Stylish is recommended, if your browser supports user scripts, you can also install this style as a user script.)

Dark Fusion - Google
Author DeathTBO
License © DeathTBO.
Created Apr 9, 2015
Updated Feb 21, 2017
Installs (this week) 1,339
Installs (total) 149,225
Average rating Good
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If something doesn't work please post a bug report here or on the BitBucket page.

BitBucket Page:

Version 4.72

Fixed version management for Google Drive.

Version 4.71

Fixed archive contents in Google Drive.

Version 4.7

Fixed upload progress for Google Drive.

Version 4.69

Fixed Google+ sidebar text being too dark.

Version 4.68

Fixed movies playing nearby, fixed a little indicator for which image you have selected on Google Images, fixed a white border appearing while search, also fixed similar search text being too dark.

Version 4.66b

Fixed Google Profile dropdown menu for reals this time. Also fixed Google Drive storage details.

Version 4.65b

Fixed Google Apps icon being solid gray.

Version 4.65

Fixed Google Image search options, fixed Google profile dropdown, and fixed Google Drive pricing page.

Version 4.63

Fixed the "People Asked" section.

Version 4.62

Fixed translation hovering not showing source text.

Version 4.6

Temporarily disabled Google Music.

Version 4.59

Added option to have the search bar stick to the top of the screen.

Version 4.58

Added an option for alignment fix. This appears to fix some problems for Danish (.dk) users.

Version 4.57b

Fixed typo in last patch.

Version 4.57

Fixed an issue with unreadable text boxes.

Version 4.56

A bit complicated to explain this patch. The Google Docs titles has two different sets of text that overlay. One is for input and the other is just a label. They should sit on top of each perfectly, but some users have them slightly off which causes blurring or it can even make it unreadable.

Version 4.55

Added support to ReCaptcha management, and fixed account dropdown options.

Version 4.53

Fixed white strip appearing when Google News window is a certain size.

Version 4.52

Fixed some text and icon colors on Google+. Also added a fix to advanced search text boxes. Cleaned the changelog.

Version 4.51

Fixed horizontal scroll bar on Chrome new tab.

Version 4.5

Fixed Account info.

Version 4.49

Fixed Google Drive Archive View

Version 4.48

Fixed Google Drive loading screen.

Version 4.47

Reworked Google News. Removed some borders, and unnecessary backgrounds.

Version 4.46

Fixed suggestions on Google Translate.

Version 4.46

Fixed some black icons and text color on Google Maps (it's embedded in the Google Search).

Version 4.45

Fixed share dialogue on Google Drive.

Version 4.44

Excluded Google File Picker (affects Gmail).

Version 4.43

Fixed Google Drive search.

Version 4.42

Fixed new Google+ loading screen and some text color.

Version 4.41

Fixed Google Docs having black icons on Chrome.

Version 4.4

Fixed Google Drive. Currently working on a black icon issue.



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