- OGame Redesign: Moons to the Right

Makes the moon pictures in the planet selector big and moves them to the right for easier selection.

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OGame Redesign: Moons to the Right
Author Bontchev
License © Bontchev.
Created Mar 24, 2010
Updated Sep 20, 2012
Installs (this week) 4
Installs (total) 19,367
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Like most other things in the new design of OGame, the moons look horrible. They are tiny little blots in the lower left corner of the planet picture in the planet selector to the right - very difficult to switch to them by clicking there. This script has the purpose of fixing this problem. It does the following:

1) It hides the original moon picture (the tiny little blot).

2) It puts a picture of a planet (the same size as the original planet) to the right and slightly downwards of the picture of the planet, around which the moon orbits. I have used one of the pictures of the dry planets in the game that is most similar to Earth's moon. I can't use an original moon picture, because there isn't one with the right size (30x30). There are sizes only 16x16, 48x48 and bigger.

3) It moves the picture of the yellow wrench (that indicates that some building is being built on the planet) a bit to the left, so that it doesn't overlap our picture.

4) It moves the picture of the yellow triangle (that indicates that the planet is under hostile action - attack or espionage) up and a bit to the right, so that it isn't obscured by our picture.

Once you install this script, you'll notice that (a) all your moons look alike in the planet selector and (b) their look has nothing to do with the pictures of these moons that you see in Overview or in Fleet Movement.



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