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I got tired of my eyes burning and feeling inflamed after using for much of the day. Save your eyesight with this ultra-dark style that removes much of the glaring bright white background on, at least on the Live Chess screen where many of us spend a lot of time. I am igor at and I code dark styles for several web sites. Wherever there is white, let us replace that with black. Note: I do not interfere with advertising. My focus here is on adjusting the brightness, nothing else. If you want a chess lesson then you can look me up on, and I just might lern you a lesson.

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Dark Forces for
Author amethyst_igor
License CC-NC-SA
Created May 23, 2012
Updated Aug 28, 2016
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08/28/2016 Version 2.8 released in honor of Talapia's Drunken Knight Opening (1. Na3). Live chess is now much darker, with fewer bright white lines to distract. If you like dark, this is the one for you.

07/20/2016: Version 2.7 released in honor of Talapia's Defense (1. f3 2. Kf2). The big change here is in live chess: made the time and rating settings fields legible (formerly they were gray on black).

10/09/2013: Version 2.6 darkens the Live Chess game frame which had been brightened by recent changes.

11/06/2012: Version 2.5 corrects an issue with the upgrade button & another with the chess diagram feature when posting comments and messages

10/17/2012: Version 2.4 scratches just about every itch. Welcome to the dark side!

10/14/2012: Version 2.3 goes a few steps closer to nocturnal perfection, aligning more elements with the Moon goddess. We are almost at all-dark backgrounds, not quite there yet but very close.

10/12/2012: Version 2.1 fixes a few problems relating to insufficient contrast & undesirable white backgrounds on certain elements. Tested most of all on the Live Chess screen and front page, where I spend the majority of my time. Definitely some imperfections and time-consuming problems remain. .css not the easiest to deal with. I am mainly focused on game play here.



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