- Color Toolbar(s) to identify profile (DM*)

Use  "Color Toolbar(s)"  to help identify an additional profile such as might be used with a TEST profile, or to distinguish a different user, or version of Firefox with a unique color choice per profile.

Choose a color which will be used in your profile on the Firefox Window, on Customize Toolbars, the Dom Inspector, Organize Bookmarks (Library), Stylish Manage & Edit, and several other dialogs choosing a different color for each profile, some suggestions for light pastel colors are within the code.

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

Color Toolbar(s) to identify profile (DM*)
Author David McRitchie
License CC-NC-SA
Created Aug 10, 2008
Updated Feb 17, 2011
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The Stylish Edit Window provides an Insert button that can help you quickly choose a color and drop it in where needed.  Some sample colors can also be found -- in

Usage Tip:  If you update the style from your color choice will be reverted back to the sample code.  Suggest you store your color code at the end of the description so if you use #BDF in one profile instead of the default #F3E078, you will be able to change the color back to your choice.  So your Manage Styles might look like this:
Description: Color Toolbar(s) to identify profile (DM*) [#BDF]

Some Tips for working with multiple profiles besides what you see in "Using multiple profiles - Firefox" --
  • This style is for color identification of profiles, for a pictorial example of different coloring used on several different profiles, -- see (image, 394 KB)
  • Install "Launchy" extension to include Firefox version and profile so you can bring up the current page in other browsers including other versions of Firefox and other profiles. Example of launchy.xml -- in and additional tips for using the "Launchy" extension -- in
  • Quick Launch shortcuts (in Windows) to start Firefox with desired Firefox version and profiles -- in
  • To help identify the profile you are using for times when you are in safe mode and don't have use of extension, include a bookmark on the bookmarks toolbar titled with the name of the profile.
  • To quickly install your bookmarks, keyword shortcuts used in your main profile, restore the latest .json backup file in your main profile to your test profile so that your bookmarks are installed quickly. Just make sure you bookmark anything you want to keep in your main profile.
  • It would also be nice if all of "Firefox should display the current profile name somewhere" [Bug 283685]. Partially implemented in Firefox 3.6, click on HELP(F1) -> Troubleshooting Information -> "Open Containing Folder" or type in about:support and then "Open Containing Folder"
For Firefox coloring of a profile's main Window just colors the menu bar and status bar, for other dialogs there is a bit more coloring all of which should certainly help distinguish windows between your normal profile (main profile) and your TEST profiles.

Since these changes are dependent upon the Stylish extension, this manner of identification will not apply in Safe Mode.  You can add a bookmark to the bookmarks toolbar with a title the same as that of the profile.  You can use Help > Troubleshooting Information > click on "Open Containing Folder"

Identifying Stylish Custom dialogs and Edit within, using "dialog *" instead of just "dialog" would be way too much coloring.

If you do not want to color bookmarks toolbar background such as on your main profile comment out some of the bookmarks toolbar code.

This style is to be able to simply identify several profiles using a minimum amount of pastel coloring and low impact on Firefox, I only color the menu bar and status bar, but color more on dialogs that don't appear as often.

''The "AnyColor" extension is not an extension alternative since it was not updated for Firefox 5-- all the more reason to use Styles instead of extensions.''  Those with only one profile and want a customizable extension like "AnyColor" (274KB) -- or any of the many coloring styles by searching here in on "theme".  Anyone who wishes to actually see their toolbars should avoid "personas" (light themes).

Alternative style

Leave the Tab colors alone in this style, but see Tab Color Underscoring active/read/unr (pre 3.6). Suggest resizing Menu bar, Navigation Bar, and Status Bar with other styles found on my profile (user 12592).

Alternative Firefox: Choose Your Color (33773) is compatible with personas.

Windows 7 Aero Damage control

How to turn disable transparency of Aero Glass and get closer to classic, while maintaining Windows 7 changes.
* Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Personalization
* Pick a Theme or current theme
* at the bottom click on Advanced Windows Color and Appearance
* choose a color, change intensity to about 75% (experiment)
* turn off the transparency checkmark <=== (Must be like Firefox, "advanced features" means what you are used to without the crap)"
* above is from

If you have Aero on your system, you will need to append the following o they style code included.

/* Minefield Firefox 4.0 with Windows 7 AERO damage control */
#searchbar /* Search Bar */
, #urlbar /* Location Bar */
{background-color: #ffffff !important; }
#nav-bar /* Navigation Bar */
, #urlbar-container /*surrounds urlbar */
{background-color: #f0f0f0 !important; }
#PersonalToolbar /* Personal Toolbar (bookmarks toolbar) / 2nd color*/
{background-color: #f8fff0 !important; }


Updates: since 2008-08-10
2008-12-22 dialogs change inner gray color and url-link, customize
2009-10-15 Error console
2010-04-28 Stylish Custom coloring
2010-10-12 browser-bottombox replacement of status-bar (damage control)
2011-02-17 Stylish edit dialog, addon-bar 4.0 Fx4 damage control



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