- Fix the Search Bar's Icon Position & Drop Down Fx3

Allows you to fix the problem with the Firefox 3 Search Bar. The Drop Down Arrow is removed, and the Icon Position is aligned properly.
Also Works in Firefox 2

** This is a minimal style - For many more similar customizations, try out Sonny's WellRounded2 for Fission w/o Searchbar dropmarker

+ Removes Drop Arrow from search bar icon (the Google icon by default.)
+ Re-positions the Search website's icon
+ Removes Padding area from the button.

The search bar will take less room, allowing you to search longer queries!
Works on Firefox 3 / FF3 AND Firefox2
Allows you to use the Most Possible area for your Search Bar or the Awesome Bar in Fx3

Integrates with the following styles:
- Remove the Search Magnifying Glass (Go) Button
- Custom Search Bar Width (Fix the Width)

Works on:
- Firefox3 (Search Bar is lengthened)
- Firefox2 (Search Bar is lengthened)

+ Added Support for Firefox 2.

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

Fix the Search Bar's Icon Position & Drop Down Fx3
Author dotter
License © dotter.
Created Jun 13, 2008
Updated Jun 13, 2008
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