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>MSPA Reader: Die

==>You are DEAD. You seem to have recently perished from feels concerning the latest Homestuck update. Nevertheless, you resolutely continue to bubble from the afterlife.

New Post Icons, fixed. Please update. :)

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Bubblr (Homestuck Theme)
Author calorescence
License © calorescence.
Created Sep 2, 2012
Updated Oct 1, 2014
Installs (this week) 7
Installs (total) 34,333
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09/30/14: Icon Bar Fixed. Tumblr added a new icon to its icon bar image, so I'll replace that with a Homestuck aspect if Tumblr actually uses that, but IDK what it's supposed to be for right now so...
Tumblr blue, refixed??? Contact me if you're still having issues. Also! Good News: Logo no longer looks wonky when Tumblr has a custom dot for holidays. Bad News: Now you can't see the custom dot at all. Hovering will still bring up the captions. Unfortunately the gifs have a Tumblr blue background, so they're right out.
Fixed the Tumblr blue thing. Should be working again.
Rather late adjustments to compensate for changes to Tumblr. The post icons now display properly. Notifications no longer have borders or backgrounds. The Search Bar now matches the rest of the theme.

Hardly news at this point, but this will likely no longer be updated on a regular basis. If a major problem occurs, please do not hesitate to send me an ask. ==>
Added Spirograph Page Loader and tweaked Notification Avatars.
Adjustments made to accommodate recent changes in new posts
Notifications have been restored to their original font size.
Photo Reply Icon now displays again.
Photosets will display properly on the Edit page.
Replaced Inbox, Help, and Logout with Breath, Light, and Space
Style now works on help documents and the login page
Missing E button no longer affected by icon replacement.
Improved interaction with other styles.
MSPA dashboard icon and Time gear settings logo added.
Notification type icons display properly even without Missing E
New Dashboard layout fix: selectors should display centered
TBH, kind of an inelegant solution. This is just a quick fix.
MSPA Post Icons finished.
Go To Top Icon now Homestuck
Fixed New Post background issues
+Upload Photo Bug Fixed



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