- Nocturne Facebook [dark, night]

A dark, subtly gritty theme - easy on the eyes and at night. Features like smooth comment mouse-over highlighting and hover colours take advantage of all the newest CSS3 goodies.

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Nocturne Facebook [dark, night]
Author Fergler
License CC0
Created May 1, 2012
Updated Mar 30, 2014
Installs (this week) 10
Installs (total) 44,567
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Known Issues:

Images that are used as icons need to be edited to reflect new blue colour or are white. Having trouble with the alignment when I tried to replace them. (notification icons, timeline bar, etc)
A few areas where white backgounds are still there. Note that Facebook has many, many internal pages and varieties of pages depending on what type of account the person has or what account you have, so it will take a while for me to phase out all of these pages while I find them. You can count on all Feed related pages being complete.
Messages page gets screwed up on smaller screens. Looking into how to fix this.
Like above, the feed stories on the feed page extend past their container and push the sidebar to the top on a smaller screen.

Please email me if you have any suggestions or have found a bug, at

- More white removal as always, fixed some bugs with link highlights. Styled the mini-chat fields.
- More white removal and fixed a bug
- Some updating to keep up with facebook's increasingly stupid CSS. Seriously, go do Inspect Element. Be amazed.
- Styled the Notification pop-up bottom-left.
- Styled the Page Admin page.
- Styled the Timeline Year Jumper
- Removed a white line in Messages page.
- Styled the Chat sidebar (wip).
- Fixed highlight of Recent Events (top right on Feed page, birthdays etc)
- Fixed the Sort button in Feed page (accidentally removed it). Styled it.
- Fixed some white areas on the 'escape hatch', the page you go to when accepting a friend request. I see what you did there, Facebook. :D
- Replaced a few icons.
- FaceBook keeps changing things... a few text areas went back to being white (with grey text over them). Fixed.
- Styled the Likes page.



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