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Inspired by Tss and based on Stylish v2.

Works on Firefox and, in my limited use of Chrome, there as well. :)

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

(Though installing Stylish is recommended, if your browser supports user scripts, you can also install this style as a user script.)

A Style and A Style
Author mikedl
License CC BY-SA
Created Apr 7, 2012
Updated Jul 8, 2014
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Installs (total) 35,092
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07.07.2014: Just found the major changes and I'll work on 'em as time allows ... even so, a few updates. :)

04.08.2014: More updates for Greasy Fork (and for UserStyles as well). :)

03.31.2014: More edits for Greasy Fork ...

03.07.2014: Another update for Greasy Fork Users ... it won't affect any UsersStyles users of this Style. As mentioned below ... more to come. :)

03.05.2014: Updated for Greasy Fork ... a work in progress ...

Thanks to calico女 and hideheader and LouCypher, I have updated. My many, many, many thanks (I'd say it "thanks" more but I think y'all get it :) )

09.02.2013: Edited for the text to the left when one is not signed in to the site.
I should have done that a while ago but I'm almost always signed in. Lately I've had to sign in more often so I thought it ought to be fixed. :)

12.30.2012: Small fix. Thanks, makondo! :)

11.20.2012: A few color and hover changes. Subtle changes however much they may be, I hope anyone using this Style likes 'em. :)

11.01.2012: Oops ... sorry, found a few bugs ... updated.

10.24.2012: Small update to make the main menu a "sticky" so one does not have to scroll all the way to the top of the page on the forum portion while viewing long discussion threads. A few additional tweaks, as well.

07.31.2012: It appears something might have changed on the USO forum regarding the placement of the search text input field at the top wherein one is reading a post ... updated ...

06.22.2012: Very small update regarding the "Sign Out" and "Sign In" font weight on the forum pages. Sorry I missed that for so long ...
Also an update for the notification beside the "Inbox" (when one is logged in to the forum) regarding new messages.

06.21.2012: Updated the background url. Thanks, calico女! :)

06.14.2012: Edited for Enhancer GreaseMonkey Script (if you are not using it, it won't affect you but I highly recommend the Script. :) )

04.30.2012: Minor updates and enhancements (could I get more generic? ;) )

04.21.2012: Updated for Jason's blog.

04.19.2012: Incorporated rob64rock's "move emoticon drop down out of the text reply area" from Restyled Simply Better (thanks, rob64rock! :) ) and changed bookmark hover icons (added one for "Bookmark" while transitioning the original to "Unbookmark"). A few additional minor tweaks as well (took out my personal additions for members and created a new A Personal for it :D ).

04.18.2012: Updated for visited links ... works better.

04.14.2012: Various updates.

04.13.2012: Update 4; (almost from scratch) to fix what I mentioned earlier (see directly below).

04.13.2012: Small update. Apparently, I was copy and paste happy and got carried away (stuff got to where it shouldn't) ... sorry ... fixed - sorta.
04.13.2012: Visited link fix ... partly ... thanks to guidance from makondo (my many thanks!).

04.12.2012: Update 2; Rating icon fix - Thanks to Tss.

04.12.2012: Updated. A lot more transparency.
BTW, this will work with any dark background but I've styled it to take into account varying colors in backgrounds (as I do with all my Styles). :)



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