- Google NightBlue 2K15 by a3cAnton

By a3cAnton
Google search, translator, maps, books, videos, play, finance.. With CSS3 transitions & hover effects. (Firefox, Chrome & Opera).
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Google NightBlue 2K15 by a3cAnton
Author a3cAnton
License © a3cAnton.
Created Mar 29, 2011
Updated Oct 1, 2015
Installs (this week) 126
Installs (total) 192,518
Average rating Good
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Created 29-03-2011 by Antonio Ferreiro "a3c"
01-04-2011 First update.


17-01-2013 Added Opera compatibility.

30-07-2014 Totally new code (can has issues )
07-08-2014 Fixed some blank areas ( possible google update )
20-08-2014 Fixed blank areas in searchbox, fixed logo & shadows in Chrome newTab
21-08-2014 Fixed searchbox in images.
22-08-2014 Fixed searchboxes,search buttons, google books & play google clear areas & buttons, fixed issue in Chrome newTab if no theme installed.
19-02-2015 Multiple fixes, new CSS3 Logo, Google+ elements darkened.
26-02-2015 Last update, multiple fixes.
02-03-2015 Fixed logo in google (english lang)
04-03-2015 More fixes.
05-03-2015 Fixed doodle img.
06-03-2015 Fixes new Google changes.
26-03-2015 Fixes changes again.
27-07-2015 New update, fixed new els. & code changes.
04-08-2015 More fixes in new google.
11-09-2015 New logo (I need to update capture), fixed blank areas.
01-10-2015 Fixed changes in google, fixed images icon.



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