- Firefox 4 Menu Button with icon+(Tabs in Titlebar)

This style is a GUI modification for Firefox 4.0 under Windows XP/Vista/7. Its features are:
-A new Firefox Menu Button, that displays an icon instead of text.
-The glow of the Firefox Menu Button will fade in and out.
-Placement of the tabbar into the titlebar to save space.
Most of this changes only apply, if the "tabs on top" option has been set by the user.

Version 1.0

Fans of the older Version 0.4.4 can still find it at .

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

Firefox 4 Menu Button with icon+(Tabs in Titlebar)
Author ocz
License © ocz.
Created Nov 20, 2010
Updated Mar 22, 2011
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Installs (total) 11,068
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Based on:
-"Firefox 4 Tabs in Titlebar/App Button as Tab-WinXP" by rob64rock.
-"Firefox 4 - Move Tabs into Title Bar (Win XP)" by lOtR.
-"Maximized Appmenu Button As Tab" by foxxyn8.
-"Firefox 4 menu button in Vista/7 style ANIMATED!" by wojtekmaj.

Requires WindowsXP, Windows Vista or Windows7.
I have tested it myself on XP with different skins (Luna,Classic,a Vista-like skin) and I took a
look on it on a computer running Win7. Ergo, Vista should be alright, too. I haven't tested it
under any other OS, but I would apreciate it, if some of you would do and give me your opinions.
Especially Win98 and Win2000.
As for Linux WManagers: As FF4 won't touch the titlebar there, so far I know, there can't be done

This style has been tested on Firefox 4.0.

-Dragging of the window: There is space between the Menu Button and the tabbar and on the right
side of the tabbar left, while not maximized, to drag the window around. I also sacrificed some
pixel rows to add a bit space above the tabbar and turned the tabbar itself into a windowdraggable
area. The space above the bar in Win7 is just there for cosmetic reasons and can't be used to
drag the window. I'm looking into it.
In the code below, in the "Windows theme fitting"-section, there are lines like
"height: 36px !important;". Lowering the value shrinks that space. Change their values as you see
fit. 30px should look about right in most cases. Recommendations are in comment tags at the end
of the lines.

Changes in 1.0:

Changes in 0.9:
-Finetuning of the Windows 7 support.

Changes in 0.7:
-Turned the tabbar into an area, which can be used to drag the window. Therefore the added border
and background became useless, but I intent to keep them as an option, as they are pretty.
-Persona-themes are covering the titlebar in non-aero-themes again. I have added a white border at
the top.

Changes in 0.6:
-Tried to merge draggable bookmarks-menu-item with the FFButton. Did go well to a certain point.
Development has been frozen. I went on to the next

Changes in 0.5:
-Added border and background to the tabbar, when the window isn't maximized and made a little bit
room above it in the titlebar. It is not possible to see, where the area of the tabbar ends and at which
position in the titlebar the window is draggable.
-Added windows-theme distinction. Margins will be set automaticly from from now on.

Changes in 0.4.4:
-Mozilla suddenly putting the tabbar into the titlebar themselves in the beta9 release took me by
surprise. I fixed the glitches, my style created beginning with beta9. If you're still using
beta 8, there is a bit compatibility code in commentmarks down below. Just uncomment it.

Changes in 0.4.3:
-Fixed issue with FFButtom in newest nightly build (FF4.0b8pre).
-Refixed on 16.12.2010

Changes in 0.4.2:
-Fixed disappearing tabbar, when menubar activated.
-Added free space between the Menu Button and the tabbar and the tabbar and window-buttons on the
right side, while not maximized. This area is there to drag the window.

Changes in 0.4.1:
-Ajusted the Firefox button's colors and glow effects, according to the values I found in the

Changes in 0.4:
-Now all new: Firefox Button ANIMATED!

Changes in 0.3:
-Icon in Firefox Menu Button has been replaced.
-Removed "Personas applies to titlebar for Firefox 4" by Style Thing.
I gave it another thought... If you want it, wouldn't it be better to install it directly from the
source? Yah, it would.

Changes in 0.2:
-minor graphical fixes in glow effect of the Firefox Menu Button
-changed #appmenu-button-container position from fixed to relative. This comes at cost of less
control about the FFButton position, but also places it at the right positions at the edge of
the window. May lead to FFButton overlaping with a AppTab.



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