- IMDB Latte

Creamy Toffee flavour.

Oct 12/07 - Changed the movies' user rating stars.

Feb 24/08 - Update for change in photo galleries

Sep 2/08 - Update because the new structure broke everything.

Thank you for the suggestions. I restored that button and those voting bars. If you notice any other elements missing don't hesitate to let me know.
Sep 17/08
Thanks for letting me know about that bug as well. I would never have found it myself as I have never used the Update button until today.

Sept 30, 2010. Right. I made video previews visible. Nothing else seems to be very broken. I don't know what lookitup2 is.

Oct. 8, 2010... Complete overhaul to match imdb's redesign.
I used a lot of firefox specific css. I don't know if anybody uses this on Opera? But if it looks terrible then leave a message and I'll work on it.
OCt 9... popup login form is fixed.

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IMDB Latte
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