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[originally "Strata40 - misc. tweaks"]

This style contains miscellaneous tweaks...

• The "Vista-style search go button" part replaces the icon in the searchbar with one that doesn't have as much of a white outline.

• The section commented as "force black text with white glow" does pretty much what it says:
Toolbar button label-text becomes black, with a white text-shadow 'glow' on it. Looks cool without sacrificing readability.

• "apply aero style to sidebar" is also self-explanatory (needed on XP only).

• It tweaks the 'Checked' status of the Downloads button - users of the AIOS extension know what this means: Strata40's Downloads button icon 'moves' a little bit when it's checked [enabled] in the Sidebar.

EDIT: Just now found another Strata40 tweak, named Tweaks for Spewboy's Strata 40 v0.4.3. (After spending the time to put this one together, too...) Mine does kinda the same stuff, but has the search-go icon. Both styles should work at the same time. I think.

Suffice it to say that I

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Firefox Themes - misc. tweaks
Author Plastikmaniac
License CC BY-SA
Created Jan 10, 2010
Updated Aug 20, 2010
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