- Google Homepage (using a theme) Transparency Edits

Sidneyboy -- Can you post a screenshot of your problems? I can verify this works on Vista Home Premium, WinXP SP2, Gentoo & Ubuntu Linux. I wouldn't see how it would work in VHP vs VHB.

I love the new themes Google has added, but I wasn't fond of certain things (namely the input, tabs, etc) getting in the way of good artwork. So I modified certain parts of the page to be transparent so I can see all the goodies :) I am currently using the Springscape theme although this script is compatible with *ALL* of the Google Homepage Themes so far. *Current Script Size: 3.95 KB (4055 Bytes) **(New! Check Out - Zathman's Redesign)**

* v1.4 * 25 JUN 2007 (Minor) - Temporarily disabled the tab height I set due to some google updates
* v1.4 * 27 MAY 2007 (Major) - Rewrote/Organized code, new styling features & formatting, fixed old code.
»» * 1024x768 * |
* v1.3 * 25 MAY 2007 (Minor) - Fixed f

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Google Homepage (using a theme) Transparency Edits
Author Zathman
License © Zathman.
Created Apr 3, 2007
Updated Jun 26, 2007
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Installs (total) 16,219
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