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======= LATEST NEWS =======
Fixed search result squished bug.
Add fix from djakrse.

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No Google Ads or Sponsored Links w/ Adjusted Pages
Author DaveyJake
License CC-NC-SA
Created Sep 5, 2009
Updated Sep 27, 2013
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======= QUICK INFO =======

Nothing special, just no ads/sponsored links. And because there was all this extra space now available, I adjusted pages to make use of it.

======= JUST A REMINDER =======

I am a FREQUENT UPDATER; be sure to UPDATE OFTEN. Bug fixes are frequent and not always noted in the change log. Always refer to the "Time of Last Update" for the most recent version.

COMPATIBILITY ISSUES: Before posting a comment in the forum about an issue, disable all other styles to find which one it's conflicting with, let me know the style and I'll create a custom fix for you in the forum.

======= BE SURE TO GIVE PROPS =======

I don't mind if copy any part of my style. ALL I ASK is that you give me credit--e.g. just type the following into your style's description: "This style was inspired by style [2][0][7][2][8] by user [1][7][0][3][1]" (without the quotes and without the [brackets] that surround the numbers)--when you publish the style you made with my code.

======= CHANGES, UPDATES & BUG FIXES =======
1/4 - First 2K11 Update--Read the description
1/18 - Ads appearing in images removed. Let me know if it breaks other items.
2/7 - Removed Ads that appear at bottom of Gmail messages
2/21 - Added horizontal Nav Bar padding to ensure nothings missing if overflowed
2/28 - Remove reappearing ad box in images
4/20 - Added support for Google UK and Google Australia
4/26 - Invisible Scrollbars now enabled for Gmail
5/8 - Fixed bug that wasn't showing "New Window", "Print", etc. buttons in Gmail
6/5 - Found bug on Accounts page; added support for Accounts and fixed bug
6/18 - Removed ad found by war59312! If you find any that I missed, let me know!
7/5 - Fixed search results to use max. screen width
7/7 - Found a couple more bugs in search results
7/8 - 1 year ago today, RIP Dad! - Fixed bugs with new Gmail layout
7/19 - Found a new ad in Images. It's gone now!
7/25 - Removed new ad found in Picasa
8/11 - Fixed Google News search results; back to full width!
8/21 - Gradually integrating Google Chrome compatibility
9/8 - Caught some new ads in Google Groups. Gone!
9/30 - Fixed results listing back to full width
10/31 - Added support to https search pages
11/22 - Fixed Search Results bug that caused results to overflow
12/13 - Small Gmail bug fix
8/20/13 - 1st Bug Fix of 2K13!

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===== FIREFOX =====
Facebook Tweaks: No Ads, Max. Width v3.0.7 BETA
Tweaks for Facebook - FriendFeed Style News
Google Home Page San Diego - No Ads & Streamlined - Hide Deleted Userstyles
Flickr Tweaks HD: No Ads, Wider Search Results
BigPond Sports - No Ads, Streamlined - Completely Stripped Down

===== CHROME =====
GMAIL UI YOUR WAY for Chrome (still in development)
Facebook: No Ads, Max. Width 3.0 BETA WEBKIT - No Ads & Streamlined for CHROME

===== CROSS-PLATFORM =====
Google Home Page OS X Style Video Only



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