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Firefox Edge is a theme for Mozilla Firefox that closely replicates the look of Microsoft Edge (both light & dark themes) without losing any features of Firefox.

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

Firefox Edge (Light & Dark)
Author sapierens
License CC BY
Created Nov 24, 2016
Updated Mar 7, 2017
Installs (this week) 574
Installs (total) 13,455
Average rating Good
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After installing the theme you might need to restart Firefox to correct any visual bugs.

To report any issues or contribute, head to the GitHub page.


[v1.8.0 March 7th, 2017]
  • Improved compatibility with Firefox 52.
  • Added styling for buttons that are placed on tabs toolbar.
  • Added styling to all download progress bars and made them more Edge like.
  • Improved interaction with disabled elements.
  • Button styling is now applied also to buttons on popup menus.
  • Fixed broken radio menu items on context menus.
  • Fixed a couple of identity popup bugs.
  • Fixed checked menu hover/active appearance.
  • Fixed text being dark on voulnerable plugin notification in Light theme.
  • Fixed broken bookmarks button when placed on tabs toolbar.
  • Fixed popup styling that's activated from tabs toolbar.
  • Fixed wrong background color for some menu popups.
  • Fixed inconsistent dropdown icons on main menu panel.
  • Fixed a broken download button's image when a download is finished and the button is placed on menu popup.
  • Multiple other minor fixes & improvements.
[v1.7.0 February 19th, 2017]
  • Added styling for buttons placed on bookmarks toolbar.
  • Restored top border on Windows 10 installations.
  • Fixed missing close, restore and minimize buttons on Windows 8 and lower.
  • Fixed a bunch of issues with some Windows themes.
  • Fixed broken bookmarks button when placed on bookmarks toolbar.
  • Fixed popup styling that's activated from bookmarks toolbar.
  • Fixed badge icon placement on menu panel.
  • Fixed downloads panel context-menu styling.
  • Desktop popup notification icon has been added to image color inversion.
  • Addon installation complete icon has been excluded from image color inversion.
  • Greasemonkey popup icon has been excluded from image color inversion.
  • Multiple other minor fixes & improvements.
[v1.6.0 January 29th, 2017]
  • Updated the theme to be more compatible with Firefox 51, which in turn fixes a bunch of bugs.
  • Added window alert box's styling.
  • Styled download panel's hover and click background to be consistent across all Windows and Linux installations.
  • Fixed missing minimize, maximize, restore and close buttons on some Windows 8 and earlier installations.
  • Removed rounded popup borders on Windows 7 and earlier.
[v1.5.0 January 17th, 2017]
  • Added styling for all popup and context menus.
  • Added a Microsoft Edge like tab "attention required" animation.
  • Added a Microsoft Edge like home button image.
  • Added a more fitting toolbar button overflow image.
  • Added a more fitting drag & drop image for tabs.
  • All default firefox button icons will now be in light version on the dark theme.
  • Fixed some bookmarks toolbar issues on Linux and Windows.
  • Fixed bugged minimize, maximize, restore and close buttons on Windows versions 7 and lower.
  • Fixed close icons being too small and blurry on Windows version 7 and lower.
  • Fixed a mismatching tab background color on Linux.
  • Multiple other minor fixes & improvements.
[v1.4.0 December 6th, 2016]
  • The theme is now high-dpi compatible (no more blurry/double images).
  • Improved compatibility with Firefox for Linux (tested on Linux Mint).
[v1.3.1 November 29th, 2016]
  • Fixed a glitchy Pocked icon, if viewed from within the menu.
[v1.3.0 November 29th, 2016]
  • All toolbar button mouse-over interactions should be consistent now.
  • Toolbar button badge icons will now fit the style of Microsoft Edge.
  • Changed Pocket icon in dark theme to one that's made for dark themes.
[v1.2.0 November 28th, 2016]
  • Added the light version of the theme.
  • Slight changes to the bookmarks toolbar so it looks more like that of Microsoft Edge.
  • Paused download icon will now show the correct arrow image.
  • Fixed a sometimes dissapearing/flickering download button.
[v1.1.0 November 26th, 2016]
  • Added bookmarks toolbar styling.
  • Changed file menu-bar font color to white.
[v1.0.0 November 24th, 2016]
  • Initial Release.



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