- Launchy button remove space wasting drop-down(DM*)

The idea behind many of my styles is to use minimum real estate for toolbars.

Launchy 4.3.0 finally changed icon, this style was created 2008-12-17 and is no longer needed as of 2010-01-27
will have to make some changes in my Navigation styles as well
-- Navigation/Location Bar Presentation Height (DM*) (10881)
-- Navigation/Location Bar BIG Presentation Height (18864)
-- Navigation/Location Bar Minimal Height (9349)
There are some tweaks to Dom Inspector here as well, will check on them later

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Launchy button remove space wasting drop-down(DM*)
Author David McRitchie
License CC-NC-SA
Created Dec 19, 2008
Updated Dec 19, 2008
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Installs (total) 477
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One of my favorite extensions is the "Launchy" extension, but in Fx3 the drop-down menu was taking up 3X the space of a normal button. This style removes the unnecessary drop-down, simply left-click on the icon to see the drop-down list. Without the style had to insert spaces into toolbar to left and above the icon.

The Launchy extension can be installed from and can be used to bring up the current page in another application, such as another browser (IE, Opera), or editor (Notepad).

Firefox Customizations (Notes)] Launchy Notes, opening Notepad and other applications

Example of launchy.xml file

Picture from Launchy button, Tools menu, or Context menu with web page as the object the items with an asterisk (*) and a number are those that I added specifically for my own applications and Firefox profiles, the rest were found by the extension itself. Just to show that some things down with Windows Quick Launch can be done in Firefox.

Updates: since 2008-12-17
(no code changes)



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