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Hover off timer: How long an effect last after the mouse is moved away from an item,mene,thumbnail etc.
Hover on timer: How long it takes for an effect to appear when a mouse is hovered over an item.
The timers only affect box shadow and the hover background transparency.
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youtube make your theme
Author baahhah
License CC BY-NC
Created Dec 14, 2015
Updated Oct 6, 2016
Installs (this week) 278
Installs (total) 27,834
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Issues to be addressed:
Like/dislike buttons , and multiple other buttons like play button in the creator studio, not clearly visible, background for icon darkened for now until its solved properly.
Ongoing text/object fixes/tidying.
Creator studio analytics is unlikely to be done anytime soon unless upon request.
If something looks weird message me and il try to get it fixed!

05th September 2016: fixed an issue where the background around the search box was stretching the background image.

29th May 2016: Option to choose colours and other settings implemented

27 Jan 2016:Fixed fonts/ hover stufff for logged in account/ in creator studio.
Thumbnails overlapping box shadow border fixed(ish). Thumbnails were made slightly smaller but it works.
FIxed an issue where resizing the window takes too long.

23 Jan 2016: Various updates. Border colours, fonts etc. Video player hover mouse for glowing border. Hover effects changed from white to red. some fonts made light red.

22 Jan 2016:
Update for chrome version.



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