- Facebook - Dark Shiny Blue, transparency

Facebook themed like my other Dark Shiny Blue, transparency themes.


***Requires Firefox 35 or later for some effects***
-Any performance issues seem to be due to too many effects (text-shadow, box-shadow, and gradients). I've reorganized the code with comments at the top so you can comment out the text-shadow and box-shadow sections.
-In regards to scrolling slowness, I recommend using the Firefox Add-on Yet Another Smooth Scrolling rather than the native smooth scrolling.

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

(Though installing Stylish is recommended, if your browser supports user scripts, you can also install this style as a user script.)

Facebook - Dark Shiny Blue, transparency
Author DaedalusIcarusHelios
License CC BY-SA
Created Nov 8, 2008
Updated May 28, 2015
Installs (this week) 429
Installs (total) 2,292,131
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5/28/15 - Used updated code from Facebook - Dark Shiny Transparency [with Options]
11/8/14 - Updated numerous things, using some CSS3 filters
9/11/12 - Used updated code from Facebook - Dark Shiny Transparency [with Options]
6/27/12 - Fixed layout issue with content shifting to the far right
6/24/12 - Used updated code from Facebook - Dark Shiny Transparency [with Options]
3/17/12 - Used updated code from Facebook - Dark Shiny Transparency [with Options]
2/23/12 - Used updated code from Facebook - Dark Shiny Transparency [with Options]
9/30/11 - Timeline profile themed
9/25/11 - Major update - many fixes
7/25/11 - Reverted to images instead of gradients for cross-browser compatibility and performance
7/9/11 - Fixed/updated chat, updated buttons, etc.
6/6/11 - Synced code from Facebook - Dark Shiny Transparency [with Options] (numerous updates)
5/28/11 - Using new code from Facebook - Dark Shiny Transparency [with Options] with options: all blue, silver metallic, stripe (see that theme for more options). Background is made of gradients and not a hosted image (should prevent the image hosting issues)
4/19/11 - Various fixes, including messages, search friend box, insights
3/31/11 - Various fixes, including for FB widgets on other sites, purged a bunch of old code and optimized some, and changed image host for Facebook logo images (temp fix for now)
3/11/11 - Fixed comment box issue, used themed status orbs in the friends on chat matrix, etc.
2/25/11 - Fixed search box for chat list (now always shows), misc. fixes
2/25/11 - Fixes for chat list, close icon for deleting items in wall fixed (position)
2/21/11 - Bunch of fixes, fixes for Better Face Book add-on, etc.
12/6/10 - Fixes for New Profile Design
12/2/10 - Fixed writing notes, tweaks on profile's notes page, fixed some buttons, etc.
11/21/10 - Fixed new Group-related stuff, floating top notification bar, others
11/3/10 - fixed home stream and icons on Facebook bar (due to new Facebook update), a few other little things
10/20/10 - Fixed top bar, a few other things, and removed the ad panel on profiles
10/6/10 - Fixed chat text cursor (was behind icon); fixed Facebook logo hover; fixed like/comment box when hovered
9/22/10 - Fixed feed count, close buttons on right-side of home page, and new counts on left-side of home page
7/26/10 - Fixed white comment boxes, notifications button image, misc. button fixes
7/2/10 - A bunch of fixes and tweaks. Includes Chat status icon fixes, submit button fixes, search box fixed
6/9/10 - Fixed some text links with span, type ahead suggestions below search box, misc.
6/2/10 - Security/Privacy settings page fixes, Feedback link, misc.
5/10/10 - Fixed chat boxes, other misc. stuff, chat input width, chat friend status icon position (scroll bar)
4/14/10 - Fixed issue when clicking on "What is on your mind?" input box (it went below right column and widened out)
4/10/10 - Stream text color fix, misc.
3/25/10 - Misc. fixes
3/18/10 - Fixed/tweaked home stream
3/1/10 - Fixed/tweaked some buttons, misc. updates
2/25/10 - Fixed the close button on the Friend Suggestion on front page
2/23/10 - Misc. updates/fixes; some come from Narulez (including Farmville fixes)
2/19/10 - The top bar broke due to FB changes; fixed now.
2/12/10 - The top bar is now fixed when scrolling so it is always visible
2/10/10 - Fixed text color for top bar titles for menus
2/9/10 - Few minor tweaks here and there
2/6/10 - Major update to fix New Facebook Redesign
1/28/10 - Misc. updates, including removal of link outlines (thanks to jukebox42)
1/17/10 - Privacy lock icon fix, misc. fixes
1/15/10 - Misc. fixes, notification pop-up fix
1/5/10 - Fix for sent updates for fan pages
--truncated old updates list--



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