- Material Youtube Theme [Choose your own colour!]

A theme which adds a bit of materialistic design to Youtube. Are you tired of the same boring colour all over youtube? Spice your experience up with this theme, which supports picking your own colour!

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

(Though installing Stylish is recommended, if your browser supports user scripts, you can also install this style as a user script.)

Material Youtube Theme [Choose your own colour!]
Author Opim10
License CC0
Created Aug 7, 2015
Updated Jan 16, 2017
Installs (this week) 41
Installs (total) 4,676
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Current Version - v1.2.1 UPDATE!

~~~ Changelog: v1.2.1 (Jan.16) ~~~
Small bug-fix, preparing for new update.

~~~ Changelog: v1.2 (Jan.29) ~~~
Small bug-fix update, due to youtube changing how usernames and comment likes in the comment section are rendered. This should change the colour back to your chosen colour.
Bit of a jump since last update, but the big update is in progress and will be out soon :)
~~~ Changelog: v1.1 (Sept.3) ~~~
Improved and new features:
-Notification box background changes with user's chosen accent. Fixed button alignment as well.
-Changed accent on account picker to the user chosen accent.
-"Manage Subscriptions" Page search bar colour fixed and buttons fixed.
-"Browse Channels" Page search button height fixed.
-Fixed the sitewide colour of search bars, which should now be the chose user colour.
-Added support for the new subscribers amount button on video pages (next to the subscribe button)
-Fixed a bug where the like scale colour wasn't changing to the user's chosen accent.
-Fixed titles in suggested videos not being the user's accent colour
-A lot of new functionality and options coming in the next update! (v2)

~~~ Changelog: First Release! (Aug.7) ~~~
Improved and new features:
-New styled site-wide buttons for a cleaner look
-Adjusted search bar to match theme
-Sleek animations for a smoother experience
-Coloured links and comments
-Replace the boring youtube-colour with your own!
-Fixed subscription buttons
-New loading spinner to match theme
-Overall clean and minimalistic look!

-Pyro-style for the base, taken from: "Colorful Youtube Theme"
-New and improved features by me (Opim10)



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