- Google Inbox Dark Theme (June 2015)

Dark theme for
Should always be up to date, as I use Inbox daily.

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Google Inbox Dark Theme (June 2015)
Author Marco Costa
License CC BY
Created Jun 8, 2015
Updated Jun 26, 2015
Installs (this week) 42
Installs (total) 8,992
Average rating OK
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  • June 13th 2015 - Fixed: left-hand side menu bar; "Compose" window; Hangout windows; various "Settings" windows
  • June 15th 2015 - Fixed: "Create Reminder" popup; "Invite to Inbox" popup; Upper right-hand corner drop-down menus (Google Apps, Google Notifications [G+], Google Account)
  • June 16th 2015 - Fixed: Google Notifications [G+] icon color
  • June 25th 2015 - Fixed: Broken styles due to recent CSS changes by Google; Lighter "action" button in messages



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