- StatusBar Minimal Height (DM*) [Win7]

The idea here is to use minimum real estate used for the Status Toolbar, and other toolbars, so that you have more screen space to use your browser for it's intended purpose of looking at web pages not space hogging toolbars and graphics

Firefox 4 has added a keyboard shortcut ( Ctrl+/ ) to hide/show the addons bar.

Firefox 4 fixed height of addons/status bar on 2011-02-17 hope it stays fixed, with the possible exception of addons that break 16x16 size rules, but changes still require the Status-4-Evar extension anyway to maintain sanity, see

For best viewing of style before/after images use -downsize screenshots to fit window (12373), which will attempt to show both before and after in their correct size, reducing size only if necessary.

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

StatusBar Minimal Height (DM*) [Win7]
Author David McRitchie
License CC-NC-SA
Created Dec 22, 2008
Updated Feb 17, 2011
Installs (this week) 0
Installs (total) 2,331
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This is one of several styles to minimize size of toolbars, look for other styles under my name, David McRitchie, that include "Minimal" or "Presentation" in their style names. There is also Bookmarks Toolbar Blue/Folders, Red/Bookmarks (9091) which removes folder icons from bookmarks toolbar to provide more space for lots of folders with 1-3 letter names.

If interested in rearranging/removing buttons see Organize Status Bar 0.6.4 (addon 1759)
by y5 --, can also be used to identify buttons. An alternative means of rearranging buttons is via Reorder statusbar panels and icons (114).
While most status bar addons have options to display on status bar or not, some don't, see
You could then create a style with something in it like: (for measureit wouldn't have to disable ext. to toggle the toolbutton)

, #mousezoom-status,
, #stylish-panel
{ display: none !important; }

|Mouse Zoom| (addon 2244) status bar indicator can be supressed in addon options
|McAfee Status Bar| ( space hog) install w/o search bar, or Yahoo, in this style reduce width to 20px in Vista, 27px in Win7. If Yahoo suddenly appears as the default search engine or homepage, or search bar appears on status bar, deactivate via options in Site Advisor's status bar icon.
|Stylish Custom| (addon 12102), in options use stand alone to not mess up extensions display.

Updates since 2008-12-22
2009-12-24 removed padding on buttons, Force narrowing of Site Advisor
2010-01-27 SiteAdvisor width tweaked for Win7 (see notes)
2010-10-17R addon-bar tweaks from Lock AddonBar Height at 23px (38503)
2011-02-16R addon-bar, closebutton, bottombox for 4.0b
2011-02-17 removed all changes after 2010-01-27, Fx4.0b12 today finally
- fixed height problems, style probably not be needed in Fx4 with
- possible exception of extensions



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