- - Collapse Bulky UI Elements

This is an adaptation of Remove Obnoxious Items by waterpear.

It removes or collapses elements which take up too much room on small screens.

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

(Though installing Stylish is recommended, if your browser supports user scripts, you can also install this style as a user script.) - Collapse Bulky UI Elements
Author ssokolow
License CC BY
Created Dec 8, 2013
Updated Dec 16, 2015
Installs (this week) 1
Installs (total) 195
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  • I don't actively use this script myself, so tell me immediately if something breaks.
  • I couldn't find a GIF to test with, so it's possible the GIF hiding is broken.
  • Because of how YouTube embeds work, the "Hover-Expand" option won't let you interact with the video after you've clicked play the first time. (Because clicking "Play" swaps in a Flash applet)
  • Got any more things that you think should be collapsed? Let me know.



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