- newTwitter - Semi-transparent stream and dash v0.2

Twitter semi-glass ala my previous styles. I'll probably update this whenever I figure out something breaks.

Preferable that you use White Overlay + a dark(er) link color as to prevent visibility issues.

Please credit (just a linkback is fine!) if you base your code off any of this.

My twitter: mugeca

Feel free to ask questions or bug me if something breaks. Can't guarantee I will be able to fix it right away, but I'll try to get to it ASAP.

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newTwitter - Semi-transparent stream and dash v0.2
Author dorura
License CC-NC-SA
Created Sep 30, 2012
Updated Nov 2, 2013
Installs (this week) 10
Installs (total) 21,407
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To do:
>custom icons to eliminate that clunky and dorky border (might be hard because of the way twitter uses background color to give the icons their color)
>actually look at the media gallery function and apply the style there.

v0.27a [quick-fix]
Added "new tweet background" color option
Removed some shadows, changed the colors of tweet actions that were added in the recent update

Added option for removing the CSS3 transitions in case of memory issues

Played around with some opacity regarding the profile page
Opacity'd some solid white boxes

Played around with the menus a bit, fixed some hover issues, made more opaque for visibility.
Added text-shadow options.
Made code more concise.
Added screenshots. → Wallpaper by SNYP. Check his wallpapers out.

First version.



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