- Google Calendar themes and skins style for Gmail

Windows 8 / style for Gmail. Minimalist, Windows 8-like appearance for Gmail and Google Calendar.

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Sword Art Online Plus

Per request, I have created a new Google theme based off of the new hit anime, Sword Art Online.

Updated: Jul 30, 2015 Installs This Week: 120 Average Rating: N/A
Attack on Titan Plus

This skin is based off the hit anime series Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). Seeing as people enjoyed the SAO skin, I figure they will love this one.

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Google Calendar - Dark Style

This style was developed to match the Dark theme for Gmail. It also goes nicely with ben999_'s Google Voice - Dark Style. Nearly everything has been themed and every item in the CSS has descriptions so you can edit it as you see fit. If you would like to enable theming for Google Tasks, edit the style and comment out LINE 1391. If you see something unthemed, let me know and I'll try to fix it. Credit goes out to rry for some code in his Impossibly Clean Google Calendar and riser2 who's Dark Google Calendar userscript code I used as the base for this style.

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Google Voice - Dark Style

This restyles the Google Voice interface to be dark with grey/white/blue highlights. Everything is dark, buttons and menus hover blue, blue highlights, no tips box, send notifications dark, contacts and settings pages also dark. Hope you like it :) Best combined with: FT DeepDark add-on by steva (Stefano Roselli) (Firefox Only) DeepDark Theme by actualmanx (Chrome only) DeeDark Scroll Bars extension by actualmanx (Chrome only) GT DeepDark for Google userstyle originally by Sr21, now maintained (poorly) by Shepherdator GVoice Favicon Alerts userscript by Peter Wooley

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Legend of Zelda Plus

Similar to the Castlevania Plus background, I have made a Legend of Zelda version for Zelda fans as well. This is made for G+ and most Google products

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Un Owen Was Her Plus

Based on the popular Touhou character Flandre Scarlet and the color schemes of Castlevania. This theme can be used for the many facets of Google.

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GMailbox ( Gmail + Mailbox ) Universal

[Please let a comment if you like it or if you have any feature idea; I do it for fun and I couldn't develop some features if these aren't useful for me (e.g. GTalk).] GMailbox Turning Gmail into Mailbox (in progress) This version of the style was made for being used with any background image. To use the Mac style (all white) use this style: To use with dark left column, iPad style, use this: New: 3.2 Compose window color changes. Transparent message container background. Ver. 3.0 Changed Action icons. Fixed background. Other fixes. Ver. 2.2 Added left column 'folders' icons. Suitable for any background (better white or black). Ver. 2.0 Re-maked from zero. Ver. 1.0 First version, made from Outlook style. # Outlook, Calendar, Tasks, iCloud, Mailbox, Dropbox, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Email, Mail, Contacts ...

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Google Calendar - wrap appts in month view

Why oh why do you force nowrap in month view, Google? My data is important and I want to see it! This script is intended for printing. That's why I also hide the top bar and side bar. If you just want the appts to wrap, delete everything in the CSS except the .te and .te-s declarations.

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