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Fark - Remove Top Banner Begging for Whitelist

This style does one and only one thing - it removes the annoying top level element begging the user to disable ad-blocking on fark. Annoyances like this are why users install ad-blocking to start with.

Updated: Sep 13, 2013 Installs This Week: 9 Average Rating: N/A
Fark Wide

Overrides the 880 character max width setting which causes the Brazilian strip down a wide screen

Updated: Mar 26, 2016 Installs This Week: 5 Average Rating: N/A
Classic Fark v3.1

*v3.1: They changed up the CSS, so this went all wonky. Here's a fix. 5/14/07* Just adding some more onto this one, I believe it was originally posted by TheEndless and added to by Mr Guy (mad props for saving my eyes, you guys!). It hopefully restores some more elements of classic Fark. Should work for both TF/Lite pages. I'm a total CSS illiterate, my entire programming education has consisted of two quarters of Java, so it is very likely this is sucky and buggy. But hell, I like it. Flames, kudos, bugs, suggestions, BIE/WIE (okay, maybe not WIE - maybe) go to uncreativenickname at gmail dot com.

Updated: May 14, 2007 Installs This Week: 4 Average Rating: N/A
Mobile Fark Big Images

This style remove the width and height limit on images posted to FARK when viewing the mobile version. I prefer to read FARK using the slim, full-width, easily zoomable mobile version but the small images were a pain. This simple style fixes that!

Updated: Jul 22, 2012 Installs This Week: 4 Average Rating: N/A
fark zenburn

Zenburn theme for

Updated: Jun 17, 2013 Installs This Week: 4 Average Rating: N/A
Fark - Remove ads disguised as headlines

With the Fark layout changes in April 2016 my ad and script blockers stopped being able to block the adverts that are in amongst the headlines. I whipped this up in two minutes to hide the class that those ads use. I created this purely for personal use with my specific plug-in and style configurations, so it might have unintended effects with your config, but figured I'd share. Use at your own risk, etc etc.

Updated: May 4, 2016 Installs This Week: 3 Average Rating: N/A
Cleaner Fark

Tweak of 'Fark - Cleanup (2011 Fark)' by Drathus.

Updated: Sep 7, 2013 Installs This Week: 2 Average Rating: N/A - cleaner

Removes the useless stuff from Pretty basic.

Updated: Mar 21, 2006 Installs This Week: 1 Average Rating: N/A

based off of cleaner-2. help: bodyHeadlineContainer area needs to be more flexible

Updated: May 19, 2007 Installs This Week: 1 Average Rating: N/A
No Fark T-Shirt Links

Remove the T-shirt links from the end of fark headlines.

Updated: Oct 21, 2008 Installs This Week: 1 Average Rating: N/A