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Firefox Edge (Light & Dark)

Firefox Edge is a theme for Mozilla Firefox that closely replicates the look of Microsoft Edge (both light & dark themes) without losing any features of Firefox.

Updated: Mar 7, 2017 Installs This Week: 575 Average Rating: Good
Firefox Black

Updated: Feb 10, 2017 Installs This Week: 559 Average Rating: Good
DeepDark "About Home" for Firefox

Dark textured Firefox "about:home" page style matching with my "FT DeepDark" theme for Firefox

Updated: Feb 17, 2017 Installs This Week: 437 Average Rating: Good
Material Firefox Home Page

Apply material/ Flat style on Firefox the Home Page. Download here. The White/Light version is available here >>> Light Material Firefox About:Home And visit my page on DeviantART : >>>>>> Rush4Art on DeviantART <<<<<<

Updated: Jun 13, 2016 Installs This Week: 268 Average Rating: Good
Colorize Firefox Buttons

Colorize the various toolbar buttons in Firefox

Updated: Sep 27, 2016 Installs This Week: 194 Average Rating: Good
ARC for Firefox

Arc Firefox theme for Windows. Goes with my Windows 10 theme here...

Updated: Aug 15, 2016 Installs This Week: 189 Average Rating: Good
Moko Firefox Theme

Firefox Theme, you can either change the colors via the style or the hex colors in the top of the CSS. ~ Requires ~ Open Sans font, install it, install the theme and restart Firefox. ^^ Notes: ~ I used this method to make the url all the same color. ~ Go into Customize and make sure that the Titlebar button isn't selected, you will have to check and uncheck it when you install the theme/make titlebar changes. ~ To autohide the urlbar add a */ to the end of line 197. ~ Used w/ my Nocturnal Visual Style.

Updated: Mar 17, 2017 Installs This Week: 166 Average Rating: Good
GlassFox - choose your personal NewTab

Change the useful (but dull) Firefox's speed dial a.k.a. NewTab (url about:newtab ) 1. Choose your favourite wallpaper, or just change background color. 2. Adjust both the size and position of the grid and thumbnails to use the full screen. 3. Have unlimited amounts of thumbnails by using the scroll function. 4. Maybe add a discrete Firefox logo on empty thumbnails, or keep it clean? It's your decision. 5. Do a Google Search directly from the about:newtab page, or hide the searchbox if you don't like it! 6. Change every single thumbnail's image if you don't like the original. Easy with my templates. 7. If you choose same wallpaper as you use as Windows desktop background... you can together with my theme GlassFox - Australis theme create a seamless illusion of transparency (optional of course). To see how it all may end up, here is one example

Updated: Jan 21, 2016 Installs This Week: 152 Average Rating: Good
Firefox Windows 10

Basic modifications and adaptation to Windows 10. Title bar changes the colour according to the selected in Windows 10. Minimal style. Alternative dark theme:

Updated: Nov 15, 2016 Installs This Week: 147 Average Rating: Good