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ELIAN ► DownThemAll 3.0b6 (DTA) (Dark)

Dark style for the famous add-on DownThemAll! 2.0.18 With support for the beta version DownThemAll! 3.0 Beta 6

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DownloadThemAll Manager Spam Removal

This will get rid of the big paypal toolbar button in the DownloadThemAll Manager. DTA is a great extension and they have every right to seek donations but I also have a right (and a duty perhaps) to rid all spam from my visionary field.

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Wb Aero - DownThemAll!

The DownThemAll! component for my Aero (glasser) theme. Looks best with firefox 3.5b4+. Updates: [7/28/2009] - Changed the manager's icons to those already used in it's context menu. Should have a more consistent look this way - Toolbarbuttons are animated - The "Add URL..." dialog is different now too [7/01/2009] - Mostly just updates for Firefox 3.5 - Adjusted to better match the Wb Aero bookmark toolbar The entire Wb Aero Theme: Wb Aero (Glasser) - Menu and Navigation (3.5b99) Wb Aero - Status Bar Wb Aero - Bookmarks Toolbar Wb Aero - AIOS All-in-one Sidebar Wb Aero - DownThemAll! Wb Aero - about:

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Firefox Chrome: DownThemAll: text-only toolbar

This removes button images and the background from dTa's download manager's toolbar, minimizes the surrounding space, and gives each button an outset-on-hover and inset-on-active effect. Optional effects, commented out by default: - reduce the toolbar's font size (which makes it even less thick) - hide the "Help!" link in dTa's download manager's status bar Updated (20090201): help link gone: removed code to hide it; donate button moved and makes the toolbar very wide: hide it again Updated (20080608): works with current layout

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DownloadThemAll - Remove Toolbars

Removes all toolbars from DownloadThemAll download manager. 03/09/08: Comments bug and cleaner CSS.

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DownThemAll! :: Ads Remover DownThemAll! 1.1.0 Japanese Edition Release

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FF3.1+Glasser: DownThemAll Vista

Add vista glass effect to the DownThemAll manager to match the overall vista style. This style needs Firefox 3.1 with Glasser installed (and of course DownThemAll).

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Hide DownThemAll Toolbar

Hide DownThemAll toolbar which is annoying to me

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DTA 3 Beta fixes for dark themes

If you're running a dark theme (FF or OS-level), you may find that the current beta of DTA can be a little difficult to read. This script is a work-around whilst the extension is still in progress.

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