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Pink Cheetah Print Facebook Theme

Cheetah print background, matching colored panels, and NO ADS! for all things tumblr&facebook go to

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MSDN Library print width fix

Currently, printing a MSDN Library page results in the page content being squashed up into the right-hand third of the page. This style fixes that.

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gitlab print

Fixes print internal error bug with firefox, fixes generic layout, improves links display.

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Safari Print

This style sets the results of the Safari print link to the font in your Firefox user settings. It also sets the size of the pre tags to about 2/3 of that setting. This is because their pre tags do not break and thus run off the page when you print. (PRE tags are used for their code samples.) So reducing the font helps a bit. I print in landscape mode. If you are using portrait mode, you may have to reduce the pre font-size of pre even more. Also you can change the size, using percentages, ems, or simply px as you wish. Finally, I access safari from If you signed up with another publisher you will probably have to change the url-prefix to the one you use. If you want a title to appear on the page see my greasemonkey script at I used the Read Easily extension's styles by bugmenot user as the base for this, stripping out most everything since font sizes and layout are really all that I was interested in. Tuesday August 8, 2006, added code to

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todoist print

много более удобная версия для печати

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Feedly Large Print Edition (works with Readly)

I love Feedly, the beautiful front end for Google Reader* feed reader. However, my middle-aged eyes don't. The text size for entries and summaries is just too small, and the category labels are too low-contrast. I finally decided to do something about it. So here's a very simple user style to make Feedly as comfortable to read for myopic infofreaks as it is stylish. It should be easy to tweak for your own needs. *Why you gotta break my heart Google man?

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readability - print

improve readability print styles

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Gmail Print Cleaner

Removes the gmail logo, unnecessary linke breaks, and email address from the printer friendly email message page for Gmail version 2013

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