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Using the base code of You Tube Style, I've been experimenting with YouTube CSS to create a Touhou theme for YouTube

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Youtube Dark & Textured

Any browser, but if you're using Firefox, Firefox 35 or higher is required. The background is actually black, but the texture makes it more of a dark gray, text is light gray & links are a dull white. Links have hover effects and video links have visited effects. Buttons are a gray gradient that is also textured with hover & active/toggled effects. Both versions of the top search bar are styled along with both versions of the html5-player since Youtube can't seem to make up their minds. The html5-players are darker with all menus & annotations styled accordingly. I recently made dark scrollbar styles for either browser, Chrome - , FF-

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Dark YouTube Nights

Yet another dark youtube theme. A style that applies a dark colored theme to YouTube, without modifying anything else. Best for watching YouTube videos in dark nights. ;)

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New YouTube logo

fuck you youtube logo

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Youtube Player August 2015

Trying to recreate the original Youtube player style of 2014 minor success have yet to fix the auto hide. Github for bug reports and progress. Thank you for your time and patience. Credits Reddit User TheCoryKid for Auto hide Github User MechaLynx For Restore Watch Later Script Greasyfork/userstyle User anon ymous/anon1928 For the Progress Bar Fix

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Fluttershy's YouTube(YayTube) Logo

Changes YouTube Logo to "YayTube". A bit stylized for Fluttershy from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Also be sure to check out fully redesigned YouTube: deviantART post:

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Youtube Party

This is a Youtube theme made or people who wants thier youtube page to look colourful!!Its half finished.. i will fully finish it after i learn how to use this thing!!

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Theme Youtube One Piece By Minh Cường

ID: FP: GR: Theme By Minh Cường

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Classic YouTube! 3.0

A userstyle to make YouTube a little more like how it was in the past! Now available as a userscript: Features: - The YouTube logo has been changed to the classic logo. - Gray background! - Like and dislike buttons are more like the old ones! - Username looks more like it did before. (Credit to Hedja) - Guide is removed. (As it was useless) - Hides comment avatars (Credit to KleinerDosenpfand) - No G+ menu (Credit LabyStudio)

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