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The New Yorker for the Night Owls

Firefox only. Works, see the pic. The New Yorker There's just too much bs but it's a start. A better pic - Assumes you're using an add blocking style/ext. Still hides quite a bit of bs, all 'social networking' included, as in all of my styles. Enjoy the peace.

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Fat-free New Yorker

Removes the right aside column, allowing you to focus on the article text.

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Dark 4ces for NewYorker

Ok NewYorker, stop it with the lightbulb in my eyes. Transform into the way it should have been in the first place. Light text on dark background. Guess what? The internet is not on paper. It is on a screen. With an electric light. Care to stare into a light bulb all day? Not me.

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The New Yorker

Makes The New Yorker readable. A slight bodge job - ALL fonts are changed to Georgia. Improvements: - Leading increased - Line break added after paragraphs - Fonts changed from Times to Georgia

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NewYorker easier reading

easier reading with low-contrast background and sans-serif font (avenir-heavy) 2010-12-03: added alternate fonts (Avenir-Heavy, eurostile, arial)

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