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MySpace Sanitizer The incredibly long rule that Kupfel points out is used to get rid of the ads that certain "MySpace Profile Generators" insert into the "About Me" sections of user profiles. See above URL for more info.

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@-moz-document domain("") { div#module8 div.moduleBody {overflow:auto; height:350px !important;} div#module8 {width:430px !important;} }

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Myspace Edit Profile Helper

This style makes the edit boxes on the "Edit Profile" page bigger.

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Kates Myspace Blanker

This is just a modified filter of someone else, with a few tweaks to keep up with the changes.

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Cleans up MySpace canvas and expands it

Cleans up ads and Google search controls to make more room for actual content. Widens canvas to fill whole wide screen display.

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Myspace 3.0 Forums Redux

Makes the new myspace forum layout look similar to the old one. Update 3: Myspace removed the top sort menu. I've now accommodated for this. Update 2: After breaking the thread 5 times on the same page the following posts header would stretch to the top It no longer does. Update 1: Minor fixes regarding the div bug. Changed the thread header. A few things load better.

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Myspace KISS

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Same as Simplified

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MySpace Ad/Annoyance Remover

This user style removes all of the ads (those that I've found) and annoying elements (Cool New People, Featured Artist, etc...) that appear on that distract you or inhibit you while you use I've taken care not to interfere with the user’s ability to continue to use the site normally. I plan to continuously update this style for ads that are created by profile generators. If there are any questions, suggestions or issues, please refer to: That is where you will get the best support. If you have the time, please rate this user style. Changelog --------------- 2.0.0 - Code now better reflects changes to MySpace. - Fixed issue with Firefox 3 Beta 5 still showing ads on the login page. - Removed code that removed annoyances left by page generators. This will be added back as soon as I rework things. This, like I always said, is where your help is most needed. Please submit your annoyances that y

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Myspace Lite 1.3.37b

**UPDATED:4-1-2009** Cleaned up the code and eliminated new modules. Cleans out everything but: Login box Main user box Mail Control Bulletins Profile view counter box Friends list While leaving the top & bottom menus, and the color scheme, the same. Leave some feedback if you like it. Screenshots of login and main page.

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