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Myspace Lite 1.3.37b

**UPDATED:4-1-2009** Cleaned up the code and eliminated new modules. Cleans out everything but: Login box Main user box Mail Control Bulletins Profile view counter box Friends list While leaving the top & bottom menus, and the color scheme, the same. Leave some feedback if you like it. Screenshots of login and main page.

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better myspace

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MySpace Ad/Annoyance Remover

This user style removes all of the ads (those that I've found) and annoying elements (Cool New People, Featured Artist, etc...) that appear on that distract you or inhibit you while you use I've taken care not to interfere with the user’s ability to continue to use the site normally. I plan to continuously update this style for ads that are created by profile generators. If there are any questions, suggestions or issues, please refer to: That is where you will get the best support. If you have the time, please rate this user style. Changelog --------------- 2.0.0 - Code now better reflects changes to MySpace. - Fixed issue with Firefox 3 Beta 5 still showing ads on the login page. - Removed code that removed annoyances left by page generators. This will be added back as soon as I rework things. This, like I always said, is where your help is most needed. Please submit your annoyances that y

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New Myspace Dark (Red/Black)

A red and black theme for New Myspace.(Updates Uncertain, PM here or on Myspace with problems.) #Looking for a White theme? Check -This- one out.

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myspace full screen fixed- works with new skin

I was messing with the other full screen style because the top was colliding with each other. i thought that this was alot better also because it shows friends normally and not in a line. I fixed it to look normal. You can edit how much you want it fullscreen (I have it at 95% since i have a widescreen and i just wanted myspace to look better), but i think you have to make the other % lower so they add to 100%. I want to add that i really didnt no what I was doing but this style is very nice (at least to me anyways).. It only makes it full screen and keeps the content intact so it still feels like myspace. I hope this helps people because I know it is alot better for me.

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MySpace - Optimized, Black and Red

A pretty black and red layout for MySpace, with a few pages (The Home Page, and "Interests and Personality" page in the Edit Profile section). I suggest using my MySpace - Profile Cleaner and MySpace - Forum Cleaner styles, because they rock and I was too lazy to do anything with them disabled. :P Feel free to edit the code to change the colors or whatever. And if there's any pages I forgot, comment and tell me. (I wouldn't worry about profile pages because the majority are poorly made anyway. :P) Please note that on the "Interests and Personality" page, there's no labels. Just remember which textbox/textarea is where. About Me______Who I'd Like To Meet General Interests_Music Movies_______Television Books________Heroes Screenshots on old page OBSOLETE 953405905 The "before" and "after" screenshots are just screenshots!)

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NEW Myspace Forums Stylez

Updated / checked in on - 2-20-2010 Customizes the forums look and style Modifies the link colors and backgrounds of certain sections. I was bored so i did another quik easy one real fast =) Hope you like. Any issues, questions or good words, Please comment below. Thanks

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Wyn's NoBS Black Myspace v2

This is my custom myspace home setup. It makes all the backgrounds black, eliminates borders around sections, and doesn't display much bs. Please use the PREVIEW feature of stylish until I get around to uploading screeners.

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Myspace KISS

Updated: Feb 16, 2011 Installs This Week: 4 Average Rating: N/A full screen content

expands's main content to fill one's entire screen.

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