- Myspace themes and skins Cleaned

I was tired of the Styles on, so I made my own Enjoy!!! Also try my Simple Login Page MySpace Simple Login Screen UPDATE : Removed footer...

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MySpace - Optimized, Black and Red

A pretty black and red layout for MySpace, with a few pages (The Home Page, and "Interests and Personality" page in the Edit Profile section). I suggest using my MySpace - Profile Cleaner and MySpace - Forum Cleaner styles, because they rock and I was too lazy to do anything with them disabled. :P Feel free to edit the code to change the colors or whatever. And if there's any pages I forgot, comment and tell me. (I wouldn't worry about profile pages because the majority are poorly made anyway. :P) Please note that on the "Interests and Personality" page, there's no labels. Just remember which textbox/textarea is where. About Me______Who I'd Like To Meet General Interests_Music Movies_______Television Books________Heroes Screenshots on old page OBSOLETE 953405905 The "before" and "after" screenshots are just screenshots!)

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MySpace Sanitizer The incredibly long rule that Kupfel points out is used to get rid of the ads that certain "MySpace Profile Generators" insert into the "About Me" sections of user profiles. See above URL for more info.

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Cleans up MySpace canvas and expands it

Cleans up ads and Google search controls to make more room for actual content. Widens canvas to fill whole wide screen display.

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New Myspace Light (White)

A light theme for New Myspace. (Updates Uncertain, PM with problems.)

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Myspace - Simplified

This gets rid of all the annoying crap that is on your Myspace homepage. I'll admit, I can't figure out how to change the bulletin headings, so if you know how let us all know in a comment. You can also apply this to your bulletin pages and mail pages! Just change the subdomain to "" and "". You can thank me later.... Or now. P.S. My ad doesn't show up thanks to AdBlocker (another Firefox Extension).

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MySpace Ad/Annoyance Remover

This user style removes all of the ads (those that I've found) and annoying elements (Cool New People, Featured Artist, etc...) that appear on that distract you or inhibit you while you use I've taken care not to interfere with the user’s ability to continue to use the site normally. I plan to continuously update this style for ads that are created by profile generators. If there are any questions, suggestions or issues, please refer to: That is where you will get the best support. If you have the time, please rate this user style. Changelog --------------- 2.0.0 - Code now better reflects changes to MySpace. - Fixed issue with Firefox 3 Beta 5 still showing ads on the login page. - Removed code that removed annoyances left by page generators. This will be added back as soon as I rework things. This, like I always said, is where your help is most needed. Please submit your annoyances that y

Updated: May 12, 2008 Installs This Week: 0 Average Rating: N/A full screen content

expands's main content to fill one's entire screen.

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myspace dark

myspace dark

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Myspace - Simplified (minus ads)

I used (and liked) Myspace - Simplified but i wanted a couple things different, so i changed them. Every change is documented in the code, you can change them back pretty easily. List of changes: removed "cool new videos" from the home page, because face it, they're not. (5/23/07) Re-integrate "Hello Yourname!" and made header backgrounds light gray so they stick out a little. Improved compatibility with a couple greasemonkey scripts (most notably add image links 2 -- which is highly recommended) (3/19/07) I re-integrated the nav bar but added the ability to select which links appear in it (2/17/07) Signout button exists (on top right) Search bar exists (with no links) All(?) homepage ads are now blocked without the need for another extension. The generic topnav bar DOESN'T exist, because i never use it when i'm on my homepage except to click the search button (but it is very easy to add back in if you want, even if you have never touched css before i'm pretty sure you could figure

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