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MySpace Simple Login Screen

This is my version of I was not satisfied with the crappy styles on this site, and MySpace has always been full of ads... All I do on the main page is log in, and sometimes I look at the music page... So I removed everything except the login box and changed the background to white... I don't think I can add links to the Music Page through CSS, so I will figure that out later... Comments welcome!!! P.S. If you want it to look EXACTLY like mine I suggest MySpace Ad / Annoyance remover, although I don't know what it changes, while making the style I noticed minor differences with it disabled... HOTFIX : Changed so the page always has a white background... (Forgot to put !important, silly me!) EDIT : Updated style to black and white, cleaned it up, removed borders (Please note it looks different from the screenshot) HOTFIX : Fixed how it broke my other customization... EDIT : Shortened code EDIT : Removed Side of Page ads

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Home.myspace Inv

This is a modification of my Home Mono. Basically it's just reverse colors, with a few extra unnoticeable changes. Update 10-13-07: Removed new top ad. (*bugs* big space at top, search bar is still there) Update 10-14-07: Removed Advertisement^ image and adjusted the top links

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Myspace - Dark & Reorganized Homepage

This style hides a plenty of stuff on the homepage, leaving only the Profile Badge, Activity Stream, Friend Space, and Post box. It also makes everything darker. 8/10/2010 - Undeleted! Completely Rewritten. 9/24/2009 - More fixes... 5/19/2009 - Fixes to "Status and Mood" box. 1/20/2009 - Added help for getting the applications box back.

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MySpace - Super Clean Home Wide

03/14/2010 - Removed Virtual Gifts 02/09/2010 - MySpace decided to make their "Stream" mimic Facebook. I don't see a way to get the old tables back at all, but this update makes the 3 remaining, useful, the full width of the main table. Everything that is worthless, of course, is gone. 01/09/2010 - The ID's keep switching back and forth for me, so I edited the code to work with both. 01/08/2010 - MySpace changed the ID's for some fields. This update will fix it. Updated for MySpace Home 1.3. Created with 1280x1024 resolution with MySpace's Stealth theme installed. It might work on other setups and it might not. The new code is a re-work of "MySpace 1.3 Home Screen [Customized by TrYp MyNe]", because I'm too lazy to make my own since I don't use MySpace too much anymore. It adds some features back, like apps, fixes thumbnails, and switches "bulletins" and "stream". If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry about it. Just update already.

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MySpace Sanitizer The incredibly long rule that Kupfel points out is used to get rid of the ads that certain "MySpace Profile Generators" insert into the "About Me" sections of user profiles. See above URL for more info.

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make look half decent (Blue)

This is an edit of the "make look half decent" style that can be found here This is the same design, however it uses a silvery background and changes the blocks to blue. I have Added option to change the style of the info bar. I hope this works for you guys and comments & reviews are welcome as I hope to be doing some more styles in the future. Most of the credit belongs to the original creator. After: (shows the defult code outcome, does not show the optional info bar edit. May look diffrent in your browser!) (EDIT: Changed a few bugs, Added an option to remove the "Show my" links in the info bar & to enlarge the profile view and network size font, The screenshot does not show this)

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MySpace Profile Edit Page Enhancer

This is work I did from scratch over the last hour or two, Enjoy it! It simplifies the profile edit page, and I think it's great!!!

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Myspace Red/Black Theme - Update 10/13

Originally based on a theme I pulled from here, though I can't seem to find it now. The original theme just reskinned the Home control panel. I've expanded it now to cover the photos, mail system, browse users, and the main page, to avoid looking at the random crap that piles up there. There are some pages (such as the Edit Profile and Account Settings pages) that cannot be edited to match simply because of the slipshod coding for the site. Some pages barely look at the CSS, and instead have everything hard coded in. And there are some that I didn't bother with (such as the videos and blog pages), simply because I have my own website for that reason alone. Either way, check it out, enjoy, and send any questions my way. -Edit 10/13/07- Updated code to repair damage from MySpace layout changes Fixed site declaration for the homepage to just affect the home page, not pages.

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Removes ads and other unnecessary elements from and Shrinks the layout of

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