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New Myspace Dark (Red/Black)

A red and black theme for New Myspace.(Updates Uncertain, PM here or on Myspace with problems.) #Looking for a White theme? Check -This- one out.

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myspace full screen fixed- works with new skin

I was messing with the other full screen style because the top was colliding with each other. i thought that this was alot better also because it shows friends normally and not in a line. I fixed it to look normal. You can edit how much you want it fullscreen (I have it at 95% since i have a widescreen and i just wanted myspace to look better), but i think you have to make the other % lower so they add to 100%. I want to add that i really didnt no what I was doing but this style is very nice (at least to me anyways).. It only makes it full screen and keeps the content intact so it still feels like myspace. I hope this helps people because I know it is alot better for me.

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Myspace KISS

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MySpace Simple Login Screen

This is my version of I was not satisfied with the crappy styles on this site, and MySpace has always been full of ads... All I do on the main page is log in, and sometimes I look at the music page... So I removed everything except the login box and changed the background to white... I don't think I can add links to the Music Page through CSS, so I will figure that out later... Comments welcome!!! P.S. If you want it to look EXACTLY like mine I suggest MySpace Ad / Annoyance remover, although I don't know what it changes, while making the style I noticed minor differences with it disabled... HOTFIX : Changed so the page always has a white background... (Forgot to put !important, silly me!) EDIT : Updated style to black and white, cleaned it up, removed borders (Please note it looks different from the screenshot) HOTFIX : Fixed how it broke my other customization... EDIT : Shortened code EDIT : Removed Side of Page ads

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Home.myspace Mono [Compact]

This is a script to remove the "trash" from your Myspace home page, and give it a very simple view. It's a black and white theme, if you want other colors, feel free to edit or ask me. Update 09-27-07: Fixed colors and spacing Update 10-10-07: removed HomeSwitch link. Update 10-13-07: Removed new top ad. (*bugs* big space at top, search bar is still there) Update 10-14-07: Removed Advertisement^ image and adjusted the top links

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Myspace Login Cleanup (11-13-08)

Basically cleans up the terrible myspace login page ( Does NOT affect any other pages. The point was to keep it simple; both the code and the results. The embedded png background image was taken from the dark google style. Edit: Updated just a little moving some stuff a bit. Still working otherwise.

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Myspace Scrollable Stream

It makes the newly obnoxious stream updates scrollabe so it doesn't take up your whole page.

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MySpace 1.3 Home Screen [Customized by TrYp MyNe]

Edit (Again): Something happened with the home page code again, and it messed up the sizes of the boxes. So, I edited the code to make it fit to what happened. The "Stream" box is fixed back to the right sized, the bulletins were moved up and made taller. The friends box has been changed to a scrolling box. That way you don't have a mess when using a friend count different than 12. Hope it works for everyone. If not, edit the code to your liking. Have fun! Edit: I have fixed a few things. The left column has been made smaller width-wise, so it looks better. The BIG gaping hole is fixed now. If you need to make it taller or shorter, go into the code, you will see where to edit it at to fix the height. The IM no longer has the main background in the code. I had to open up another namespace separate for that Iframe so that I could set the background to none. So, Tom decided it was time to change the home screen again, rendering my Home Page Beautifulizer or whatever it

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