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Myspace Home Beautifulizer [by Witchsmeller]

1. First of all, we reduce the crappy right column full of stuff like "featured, tv, film, music" and some stupid ads... 2. Next, we get rid of the header, but leave menu alone. 3. Also, wipe the "Find your friends..." and the long link list of various unneeded stuff. Result: a clean and useful template!

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Myspace - Old Style Custom Job

This script allows you to take out basically everything off the login page ( leaving just the login box and some other things. On the user home page it shows just the necessities as well as a couple other things (see picture for after shot). Please let me know of any errors.

Updated: Oct 16, 2008 Installs This Week: 5 Average Rating: N/A full screen content

expands's main content to fill one's entire screen.

Updated: Sep 6, 2007 Installs This Week: 3 Average Rating: N/A
Home.myspace Mono [Compact]

This is a script to remove the "trash" from your Myspace home page, and give it a very simple view. It's a black and white theme, if you want other colors, feel free to edit or ask me. Update 09-27-07: Fixed colors and spacing Update 10-10-07: removed HomeSwitch link. Update 10-13-07: Removed new top ad. (*bugs* big space at top, search bar is still there) Update 10-14-07: Removed Advertisement^ image and adjusted the top links

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MySpace - Optimized, Black and Red

A pretty black and red layout for MySpace, with a few pages (The Home Page, and "Interests and Personality" page in the Edit Profile section). I suggest using my MySpace - Profile Cleaner and MySpace - Forum Cleaner styles, because they rock and I was too lazy to do anything with them disabled. :P Feel free to edit the code to change the colors or whatever. And if there's any pages I forgot, comment and tell me. (I wouldn't worry about profile pages because the majority are poorly made anyway. :P) Please note that on the "Interests and Personality" page, there's no labels. Just remember which textbox/textarea is where. About Me______Who I'd Like To Meet General Interests_Music Movies_______Television Books________Heroes Screenshots on old page OBSOLETE 953405905 The "before" and "after" screenshots are just screenshots!)

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Wyn's NoBS Black Myspace v2

This is my custom myspace home setup. It makes all the backgrounds black, eliminates borders around sections, and doesn't display much bs. Please use the PREVIEW feature of stylish until I get around to uploading screeners.

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Myspace LOGIN and LOGOUT Clean redesigned

Updated: Fed 20th, 2010 Modifies the myspace home / log in "and" log out page. Makes a nice cleaner look with a little style to it. Hides all the bullshit junk and styles the login form only and gets rid of the other crap. Please comment if you like or if any errors. Note: I plan on updating this as i just did this one real fast but... changing the bg image colors on the form, plus maybe adding an extra image some where else just for the style and cooler looks of things ;] Log out page Screen shot:

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MySpace Sanitizer The incredibly long rule that Kupfel points out is used to get rid of the ads that certain "MySpace Profile Generators" insert into the "About Me" sections of user profiles. See above URL for more info.

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