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Myspace login edit

Now you can see just the myspace login screen instead of all that other crap that comes up with it and if its a little off center go down to where it says, left:200px!important; and change it to 200px to 250 or 150 or whatever until its centered, actually works. Somebody got into my bank account and took a bunch of my money :( so if you could be kind enough to donate some money that would be great. Any amount would help :)

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cleanup dat myspace!

Simple white background, black text, blue links (not default blue... something more pretty than that!). Images and other flash elements are resized to keep things in line, and opacity is a thing of the past. This is a modification of some other style on this site (forgot which, modded it a while ago (SORRY!)) where there was no media at all, so I basically added external media, and fixed the opacity and links.

Updated: Jul 21, 2007 Installs This Week: 3 Average Rating: N/A full screen content

expands's main content to fill one's entire screen.

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myspace full screen fixed- works with new skin

I was messing with the other full screen style because the top was colliding with each other. i thought that this was alot better also because it shows friends normally and not in a line. I fixed it to look normal. You can edit how much you want it fullscreen (I have it at 95% since i have a widescreen and i just wanted myspace to look better), but i think you have to make the other % lower so they add to 100%. I want to add that i really didnt no what I was doing but this style is very nice (at least to me anyways).. It only makes it full screen and keeps the content intact so it still feels like myspace. I hope this helps people because I know it is alot better for me.

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I was tired of the Styles on, so I made my own Enjoy!!! Also try my Simple Login Page MySpace Simple Login Screen UPDATE : Removed footer...

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MySpace Music Simple Search Box

OMFG! I took 5 minutes and looked at the page source and made this with 2 LINES OF CODE!!! myspace = pwnt!!! Enjoy!!! :D :D :D :D

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MySpace Home Cleanz0rz (High customizability)

MySpace Home Cleanz0rz is an effective way to clean up your mySpace Home. It is very easely customizable, as you will see in the code. Also, it does a neat little thing to the InfoBox (that thingwith your profile views in it). I created this userstyle because I wasn't happy with any of the other MySpace Home ones available. I guess no one will ever be happy with any preset for his or her MySpace Home, that's why I made sure this one is easely editable. Oh, and for the heck of it, check out my profile! Here is a link to a high resolution screenshot: [Update #1] Added more switchable sections. MySpace Tom's announcements should now be showed by default Hide "powered by Google" [Update #2] Added a switch for the Profile Options (Classic/New). Rehid "powered by Google" and the search bar. Resized the big blue header so it looks better. > @EdenResident, I couldn't find the "Your

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myspace nicelook

aaaaaaaaaand A!

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MySpace - Profile Cleaner

For removing most of the crap on profiles (Normal ones -and- band ones!) you don't want to see. If there's any errors on non-profile pages, leave a comment. And there's a list of things you can remove in the code. Everything in the list is removed by default.

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Make MySpace 'Edit profile' boxes bigger! *UPDATE*

Make those boxes bigger! Why do they need to be so short!? Version .02; - Added some code to make the font a little more manageable. - Resized the boxes and got rid of the scrollbar bug.

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