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MySpace - Profile Cleaner

For removing most of the crap on profiles (Normal ones -and- band ones!) you don't want to see. If there's any errors on non-profile pages, leave a comment. And there's a list of things you can remove in the code. Everything in the list is removed by default.

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Myspace - Simplified

This gets rid of all the annoying crap that is on your Myspace homepage. I'll admit, I can't figure out how to change the bulletin headings, so if you know how let us all know in a comment. You can also apply this to your bulletin pages and mail pages! Just change the subdomain to "" and "". You can thank me later.... Or now. P.S. My ad doesn't show up thanks to AdBlocker (another Firefox Extension).

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make look half decent is made to look half decent. All the crap that you don't really need or want is removed and the whole thing is given a nice red theme. All the ads don't show up either, but they'll still be loading and slowing the page down. To truly block them download Adblock for fireworks. Edit: MySpace is changing right now, presumably to rectify their shoddy coding. Because of this parts of this code may soon become obsolete. I shall try and keep up with this as best I can. Apparently some guy has ripped off my version and made it blue, but to be honest i don't care and it looks nice enough =P Check it out. I'm also currently experimenting with changing the rest of the Myspace pages too, but theres so many, and therefor so many problems to overcome. Bear with me.

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Myspace Lite 1.3.37b

**UPDATED:4-1-2009** Cleaned up the code and eliminated new modules. Cleans out everything but: Login box Main user box Mail Control Bulletins Profile view counter box Friends list While leaving the top & bottom menus, and the color scheme, the same. Leave some feedback if you like it. Screenshots of login and main page.

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myspace full screen fixed- works with new skin

I was messing with the other full screen style because the top was colliding with each other. i thought that this was alot better also because it shows friends normally and not in a line. I fixed it to look normal. You can edit how much you want it fullscreen (I have it at 95% since i have a widescreen and i just wanted myspace to look better), but i think you have to make the other % lower so they add to 100%. I want to add that i really didnt no what I was doing but this style is very nice (at least to me anyways).. It only makes it full screen and keeps the content intact so it still feels like myspace. I hope this helps people because I know it is alot better for me.

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Myspace Login Cleanup (11-13-08)

Basically cleans up the terrible myspace login page ( Does NOT affect any other pages. The point was to keep it simple; both the code and the results. The embedded png background image was taken from the dark google style. Edit: Updated just a little moving some stuff a bit. Still working otherwise.

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Myspace - Old Style Custom Job

This script allows you to take out basically everything off the login page ( leaving just the login box and some other things. On the user home page it shows just the necessities as well as a couple other things (see picture for after shot). Please let me know of any errors.

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MySpace - Super Clean Home Wide

03/14/2010 - Removed Virtual Gifts 02/09/2010 - MySpace decided to make their "Stream" mimic Facebook. I don't see a way to get the old tables back at all, but this update makes the 3 remaining, useful, the full width of the main table. Everything that is worthless, of course, is gone. 01/09/2010 - The ID's keep switching back and forth for me, so I edited the code to work with both. 01/08/2010 - MySpace changed the ID's for some fields. This update will fix it. Updated for MySpace Home 1.3. Created with 1280x1024 resolution with MySpace's Stealth theme installed. It might work on other setups and it might not. The new code is a re-work of "MySpace 1.3 Home Screen [Customized by TrYp MyNe]", because I'm too lazy to make my own since I don't use MySpace too much anymore. It adds some features back, like apps, fixes thumbnails, and switches "bulletins" and "stream". If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry about it. Just update already.

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Myspace KISS

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MySpace Simple Login Screen

This is my version of I was not satisfied with the crappy styles on this site, and MySpace has always been full of ads... All I do on the main page is log in, and sometimes I look at the music page... So I removed everything except the login box and changed the background to white... I don't think I can add links to the Music Page through CSS, so I will figure that out later... Comments welcome!!! P.S. If you want it to look EXACTLY like mine I suggest MySpace Ad / Annoyance remover, although I don't know what it changes, while making the style I noticed minor differences with it disabled... HOTFIX : Changed so the page always has a white background... (Forgot to put !important, silly me!) EDIT : Updated style to black and white, cleaned it up, removed borders (Please note it looks different from the screenshot) HOTFIX : Fixed how it broke my other customization... EDIT : Shortened code EDIT : Removed Side of Page ads

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