- Myspace themes and skins full screen content

expands's main content to fill one's entire screen.

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I hate all the myspace adds so i removed them and re arrange the look :) Made By Facuz contact me at

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Myspace Red/Black Theme - Update 10/13

Originally based on a theme I pulled from here, though I can't seem to find it now. The original theme just reskinned the Home control panel. I've expanded it now to cover the photos, mail system, browse users, and the main page, to avoid looking at the random crap that piles up there. There are some pages (such as the Edit Profile and Account Settings pages) that cannot be edited to match simply because of the slipshod coding for the site. Some pages barely look at the CSS, and instead have everything hard coded in. And there are some that I didn't bother with (such as the videos and blog pages), simply because I have my own website for that reason alone. Either way, check it out, enjoy, and send any questions my way. -Edit 10/13/07- Updated code to repair damage from MySpace layout changes Fixed site declaration for the homepage to just affect the home page, not pages.

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MySpace - Forum Cleaner

Remove certain things from forums (Either on the MySpace forums, school forums, or group forums) Feel free to edit the code to suit your preferences. There's a list of things you can remove in the code. Screenshots on old page: OBSOLETE 0935205 (The before and after screenshots are just screenshots, not before and after screenshots! The first one is for groups/school forums, and the second one is for the regular MySpace forums.) EDIT: I added "blockquote blockquote" to the list which gets rid of blockquotes that're in blockquotes. This removes multiple quotes in posts. :) For anyone who's annoyed by pages that're looooong because the posters are too lazy to remove some damn quotes. (NOTE: This does not remove the quotes when you quote a post, it just hides them!)

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Myspace - playlist ad remover

Removes the ads from the right side of an artist's album page (such as: and allows the playlist to scroll up and down with the page.

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MySpace 1.3 Home Screen [Customized by TrYp MyNe]

Edit (Again): Something happened with the home page code again, and it messed up the sizes of the boxes. So, I edited the code to make it fit to what happened. The "Stream" box is fixed back to the right sized, the bulletins were moved up and made taller. The friends box has been changed to a scrolling box. That way you don't have a mess when using a friend count different than 12. Hope it works for everyone. If not, edit the code to your liking. Have fun! Edit: I have fixed a few things. The left column has been made smaller width-wise, so it looks better. The BIG gaping hole is fixed now. If you need to make it taller or shorter, go into the code, you will see where to edit it at to fix the height. The IM no longer has the main background in the code. I had to open up another namespace separate for that Iframe so that I could set the background to none. So, Tom decided it was time to change the home screen again, rendering my Home Page Beautifulizer or whatever it

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MySpace Profile Edit Page Enhancer

This is work I did from scratch over the last hour or two, Enjoy it! It simplifies the profile edit page, and I think it's great!!!

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Myspace home blue

myspace home blue

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replace myspace login with a loading error

Stop people from logging in to myspace by removing the log-in box typing fields. Why? You either want to tick someone off or you are a parent who thinks myspace is evil. image stored in base64 encoding

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