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Livejournal Dark Grey 2

Тёмная тема для ЖЖ Регулярно обновляется.

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Removed Ads, Tags & Garbage Убраны реклама, таги и разный мусор

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LiveJournal - Optimized, Black and Green mod 2016

Imported from this style from Dakata For making LJ a pretty black and green.

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LiveJournal - Remove Ads

-- Update 08.08.2015 -- Обновление кода. -- Update 07.06.2012 -- Код обновлен для блокировки рекламы-фона на главной странице ЖЖ. -- Update 18.12.2011 -- Код дополнен блокировкой рекламы-фона на главной странице ЖЖ. -- Update 18.09.2011 -- Код дополнен блокировкой новой рекламы в сайдбаре. -- Update 13.05.2011 -- Код дополнен блокировкой рекламы Яндекс-Директ в сайдбаре. -- Update 06.10.2010 -- Код дополнен для блокировки обновленной строки LJTimes. -- Update 28.09.2010 -- Код дополнен блокировкой рекламной строки LJTimes внизу страниц. -- 10.07.2010 -- Данный код удаляет рекламу со всех страниц сервиса Живой Журнал ( и Описание This code removes all ads at LiveJournal. Description Stylesheet for LiveJournal by (ex chtec-059) 26.05.2015 - Remove Ads

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LJ Skin: Halloween 2007

This is a style to recreate the style of the LiveJournal site that was present during Halloween 2007. Note that this style will NOT do anything on its own; it requires the 'LJ Skins: Class Adder' script from to work as LJ does not yet allow easy identification of site schemed pages. This script can be found at ; please see that link for more information on the script itself. For more skins like this, check out the 'ljskins' community on LiveJournal:

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LJ Easier Read

A quick change to make viewing Livejournal pages a little easier on the eye since Release 88 made it hard to view. Basically back to Verdana, slightly changed font sizes, and a light grey background. Added slightly wider margins, the mystery buttons now show all the time, not just on hover, and the dark blue border around add comment box is no more. Choose a colour before install - the default is what it was in the first versions - I've added a slightly darker grey, and white as options :)

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Hide the sidebar in the LiveJournal Message Center

Hides the sidebar because it takes up too much screen space for me, especially in Vertigo. I actually do like having the sidebar around though, so I wrote a Greasemonkey script that will move the sidebar to the top: I'd recommend using this CSS in Stylish in conjunction with that script -- this in Stylish to avoid flickering (because it doesn't have to wait until all page content is loaded to be applied), and then the Greasemonkey script to get the links on top.

Updated: Nov 26, 2007 Installs This Week: 2 Average Rating: N/A Red Visited Links in Comment Threa

Changes visited link color to red, for links in comment threads only, so you can see at a glance where in a thread you've left off. (If you want to make all visited links on livejournal red, change "a[href *='thread']:visited" to "body a:visited" in the code.)

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