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[делалось для себя] нет соц.кнопок нет правой колонки максимальная ширина 1000рх выровнено по центру увеличен шрифт поста и его интервал

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LiveJournal Font & Promo

Sans-Serif LiveJournal Font globally Remove Promo

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Livejournal Modern (customizable)

Make LJ less ugly. Includes ad removal but you might still need Adblock. ~ Chrome users go here: ~ Editing instructions:

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LiveJournal - Remove Ads

-- Update 08.08.2015 -- Обновление кода. -- Update 07.06.2012 -- Код обновлен для блокировки рекламы-фона на главной странице ЖЖ. -- Update 18.12.2011 -- Код дополнен блокировкой рекламы-фона на главной странице ЖЖ. -- Update 18.09.2011 -- Код дополнен блокировкой новой рекламы в сайдбаре. -- Update 13.05.2011 -- Код дополнен блокировкой рекламы Яндекс-Директ в сайдбаре. -- Update 06.10.2010 -- Код дополнен для блокировки обновленной строки LJTimes. -- Update 28.09.2010 -- Код дополнен блокировкой рекламной строки LJTimes внизу страниц. -- 10.07.2010 -- Данный код удаляет рекламу со всех страниц сервиса Живой Журнал ( и Описание This code removes all ads at LiveJournal. Description Stylesheet for LiveJournal by (ex chtec-059) 26.05.2015 - Remove Ads

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Advertisement - quick update

Fixes the "Quick Update" field so that it works both on the right and on the left. You may also be interested in this style: • smart comments

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LiveJournal tweak comments

LiveJournal comments count larger for quick notice

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LJ Vertigo v.1

When the Vertigo scheme on LJ was in beta, it had a dark blue sidebar and the default userpic sensibly centered. Now that it has been officially released, the sidebar is light blue and the default userpic tucked into the corner. This stylesheet recreates the original look. Note that this style *requires* the Greasemonkey script LJClasses (, which adds a different class name to the body according to the viewing scheme.

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LJ Skin: Visions v2 - a Dystopic Vertigo

LiveJournal recently released from beta a new site scheme called "Vertigo", and will not by default show options for the old "Dystopia" and "XColibur" themes any longer, as they are old and not supported any longer. As I'm a die-hard Dystopia user, but at the same time wanting something a little more kept up-to-date, I decided to roll a set of CSS changes to make the Vertigo site scheme look more Dystopia-ish. The original version of this style was LJ: Visions - a Dystopic Vertigo (with ljvertigo), but this was made while Vertigo was still in beta, and it now no longer works. This new version works on Vertigo v2, which is the released version. Note that this style will NOT do anything on its own; it requires the 'LJ Skins: Class Adder' script from to work as LJ does not yet allow easy identification of site schemed pages. This script can be found at ; please see that link for more information on the script itself. For more skins like this, check out the 'ljs

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