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IGN Dark Theme

Works on the main page. (US - UK - Australia . version of IGN) Work on boards for all ! official discussion :

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IGN Boards - Updated Poll/Sticky Images

Makes the poll and sticky icons prettier, also acts as a cache. Updated 10/9/09 - Works on new layout

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Remove IGN header

Remove the obnoxious white header from

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IGN board fixes (Latest: 17/11/15)

0.8 - 17th November, 4pm board time 0.7 - 28th September, 1pm board time 0.6 - 26th September, 2am board time 0.5 - 25th September, 4pm board time 0.4 - 15th September, 6pm board time 0.3 - 14th September, 2am board time 0.2 - 13th September, 8pm board time 0.1 - 12th September, 10pm board time

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IGNboards - bluetex 2 - Invisitext Revealer

Makes the most common invisitext colors visible. They will appear on a dark gray background. This is the old method of doing it. Another option is to combine these two: IGNboards - bluetex 3 - Colored Text Borders IGNboards - bluetex 3 - Colored Text Remover

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IGN - Personal Usercolors

Despite my lack of knowledge in CSS, I have figured out how to restore my personal usercolors without IGNBQ. You can also use this for other users' usercolors by copying everything and changing the profile link to someone else's. Because I assume most people on IGN are as knowledgeable as me with CSS, here's how to customize the script: 1. Put the link to your IGN boards info page in place of where my link is (href*="blahblahblah...) 2. Customize the text decoration. "color" is the text color, "background" is the background color - I'm sure you can figure it out. 3. Comment out the lines you don't want (/*line of unwanted code here*/) It may be buggy, it may break soon if the board code is updated again, whatever. I'll fix it if I feel like it.

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IGNboards - bluetex 3 - Main Stylesheet

The screenshots should spell it out. This stylesheet gets rid of the wasted space and ads on the boards while maintaining functionality. It is meant to be used with IGN's Classic theme and is now compatible with Vesti Tools. This stylesheet doesn't do anything to fonts or colors other than the blue areas at the top and bottom. Additional bluetex 3 stylesheets: (These can be used with or without the Main Stylesheet) IGNboards - bluetex 3 - Anti page-stretch IGNboards - bluetex 3 - Proper Image Shapes IGNboards - bluetex 3 - Bad Link Warnings IGNboards - bluetex 3 - Colored Text Borders and IGNboards - bluetex 3 - Colored Text Remover (combine for invisitext) IGNboards - bluetex 3 - Stylized IGN Quotes (for Classic theme) IGNboards - bluetex 3 - Stylized Signatures (for Classic theme) IGNboards - bluetex 3 - Remove Footer NOTE: I only release what I actually use. So since I've been using Vesti Tools lately, I've made some fixes for it and am releasing it for you all. I only use the Classic theme, which has a totally different HTML/CSS layout than the other themes. I seriously don't have the time (or desire) to be maintaining three different stylesheets for what amounts to three different websites, two of which I never use. I'm n

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IGN Widescreen

Some tweaks to make the pages use the space available and remove some useless stuff

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IGN Boards - Dark Theme

A basic dark theme for the IGN Boards. Also removes header and footer.

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