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IGN Boards - Dark Theme

A basic dark theme for the IGN Boards. Also removes header and footer.

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IGN Boards - Old colors and layout in threads

Changes the colors so that they look like the old tabular layout and removes padding and stuff so it looks like a tabular layout. Realigns user profile area like old times. Moves date posted to the left. Fluid width is perfect here (posts extend all the way to the right). Intended to be used with fluid width style, but it will work without it (with one minor bug) Update 9/13/09 - Megicon framing works Update 9/16/09 - Changed a color so the bottom breadcrumb doesn't look horrible Update 9/17/09 (pre roll out) - Infobox works on beta 5 Update 9/17/09 - Applies to boards.ign and forums.ign Update 9/19/09 - Right aligned sub links, more efficient height-wise, fixed overlap bug, preparation for VT updates Update 9/22/09 - Sub links now read the same way they did before Update 10/21/09 - Compatibility with VT 1.1.0 Update 12/8/09 - Fixed overlap and line wrap bug Update 3/25/10 - Small paginator tweak Update 3/31/10 - -webkit-box-sizing fix

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IGN board fixes (Latest: 17/11/15)

0.8 - 17th November, 4pm board time 0.7 - 28th September, 1pm board time 0.6 - 26th September, 2am board time 0.5 - 25th September, 4pm board time 0.4 - 15th September, 6pm board time 0.3 - 14th September, 2am board time 0.2 - 13th September, 8pm board time 0.1 - 12th September, 10pm board time

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IGNboards - bluetex 2 - Emoticon Cache

Emoticons will load instantly instead of having to wait for the (often bogged down) IGN media server. EDIT: Apparently, now limits us to 65k characters, which is what messed this script up. It worked fine before. I've had to compress a few of the emoticons so that it would all fit within the limit. EDIT 2: I got the data strings by using this site:

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IGN Boards - gamerX1011's Stylesheet Suite My personal stylesheet configuration, so I don't have to disable 18 styles if I need to test something out without them, nor check them off again in order. Don't install any of the styles included in this style over again. Includes: Minimalizer Fluid Width Old colors and layout in threads Old colors and layout on boards Thread with no subject clickable Hide post stars Small icon Tiny search bar Signature formatting Recent posts height fix Break long words Hide JPEG icons and sig images Old poll layout Old font (not released anywhere else) Colored text borders Colored text remover Old background Updated poll/sticky images Update 3/31/10 - -webkit-box-sizing fix Update 4/18/10 - Added List Formatting Both pics are after

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IGN Hide Post Reply Ad

Hides the ad next to the post reply box and changes the formatting to not be obnoxious.

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IGNboards - bluetex 2 - Invisitext Revealer

Makes the most common invisitext colors visible. They will appear on a dark gray background. This is the old method of doing it. Another option is to combine these two: IGNboards - bluetex 3 - Colored Text Borders IGNboards - bluetex 3 - Colored Text Remover

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VE3D Large Fonts

Slightly larger fonts for Voodoo Extreme ( This can be combined with my color modifiers for further customization: VE3D Tinted VE3D Slate VE3D Classic

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