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Remove IGN header

Remove the obnoxious white header from

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IGN board fixes (Latest: 28/09/14)

0.7 - 28th September, 1pm board time 0.6 - 26th September, 2am board time 0.5 - 25th September, 4pm board time 0.4 - 15th September, 6pm board time 0.3 - 14th September, 2am board time 0.2 - 13th September, 8pm board time 0.1 - 12th September, 10pm board time

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IGN - Minimalist Layout

This style strips the ads, as well as the left and right rails for articles. You are left with a widescreen browsing experience. Font is capped at 16px (it was too big at 20px) and videos are fixed at 720p for previews within the article. They can also be turned off entirely via the toggle on the install page here.

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IGNboards - bluetex 2 - Emoticon Cache

Emoticons will load instantly instead of having to wait for the (often bogged down) IGN media server. EDIT: Apparently, now limits us to 65k characters, which is what messed this script up. It worked fine before. I've had to compress a few of the emoticons so that it would all fit within the limit. EDIT 2: I got the data strings by using this site:

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IGN Boards Sidebar Remover

Removes the sidebar from the thread list page on the IGN (Xenforo) Boards.

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IGNboards - bluetex 3 - Anti page-stretch

When someone posts a long link or a bunch of characters without spaces, this will add a scrollbar just for that post instead of the whole page.

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VE3D Classic

Dark version of Voodoo Extreme ( Replaces the current bright colors with the classic white on gray. Instant nostalgia! This can be combined with the VE3D Large Font style: VE3D Large Fonts Updated to fix comment box text not displaying in Firefox 3.

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IGN Boards - Updated Poll/Sticky Images

Makes the poll and sticky icons prettier, also acts as a cache. Updated 10/9/09 - Works on new layout

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