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Global dark style - changes everything to DARK

Like the title says^^ Applies on every website & changes as much as possible, also elements like scrollbars, buttons, cursors or the right-click menu to fit with the dark style (best result after Firefox restart). I'm sorry if it doesn't work good on your website but it's just not possible to make it look good everywhere. But I try my best to do so :) Easy customizeable with your own background. Just edit the style and paste the image-url. To use an background-image from your hard-drive, drag the image into the browser-window and copy the path from the adressbar and paste it at the url-part. It should look like this: url("file:///C:/Wallpaper/Wood.jpg") If your scrolling is slow or you just want a simple black background, remove the url-line. If you want the background to be fixed, remove the comments on "fixed". Now you can also exclude websites! Just edit the style and replace/add '' with your desired ones.

Updated: Sep 13, 2015 Installs This Week: 700 Average Rating: Good
Stylish test style

If you install this and all text turns red, Stylish is working.

Updated: Nov 22, 2013 Installs This Week: 744 Average Rating: OK

功能简介:自定义字体,英 Segoe UI,中 雅黑。修正乱码,网页错位 详细说明:卡饭.全局雅黑后 淘宝/土豆/github/等 乱码特别修正 字体下载:百度网盘,如失效,请通知我修复 大陆CN字体/新马SG字体 使用入门:先选择下面列表中的中外文字体,再点击 + Install with Stylish 安装样式,如果系统里没安装列表中的字体,请到百度网盘下载,火狐:工具->选项->内容->高级-> √ 允许页面选择显示字体 / 网址->about:config->layout.css.unicode-range.enabled->true

Updated: Apr 24, 2017 Installs This Week: 348 Average Rating: Good
Midnight Surfing - Global Dark Style

Just my attempt at a global dark style. Bound to mess things up. Covers About:blank, About:neterror. The code is uncouth crap IMO, but it works. Check out Midnight Surfing Alternative (which I prefer) for a simpler, easier to edit version.

Updated: May 6, 2015 Installs This Week: 295 Average Rating: OK
New cursor !!!15!!!

select your cursor

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Dark minimalistic scrollbar

Dark minimalistic scrollbar [Chrome/Opera][Custom colors] Ciemny minimalistyczny pasek przewijania

Updated: Sep 7, 2016 Installs This Week: 153 Average Rating: Good
Global Style - Pitch Black

A Global darkness style for webpages & browser ui:s. Status: Early BETA Submit bugreports as: No rating (just a question/comment) Note: Some things can't be solved css alone. For that Ive started working on a light Global G/V/TM script. Inspiration: Darkness & Eyeshine from Pitch Black the movie. Colors: Black Backgrounds and Various Blue Texts Custom Exclude: Manually exclude URLs with RegExp (r1,r2) a single url type1 > imgur\\.com a single url type2 > imgur\\.com/gallery/ multiple urls type1 > bing\\.com|imgur\\.com|nasa\\.gov multiple urls type2 > (bing|imgur)\\.com|nasa\\.gov (I'm still tweaking this so keep a backup.txt if possible) UserStyle Settings:

Updated: Aug 12, 2016 Installs This Week: 161 Average Rating: Good
myfavolours - global custom color scheme

Global style forcing given colour scheme. Features (shows/reveals) : - does not affect anything but colours (preserves layout) - disables background images -- this is intended feature, not a bug. Many designs cannot stand this, but it is not flaw of this userstyle but a flaw of concrete designs. No information should be represented _only_ as a background-image. - some basic semantics (headings, navigation, emphasizes, etc.) - visited / unvisited links - some IMO neat form styling effects.

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Chrome新版不再支持directwrite,DW渲染网页字体发虚的解决办法 原作者:

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功能简介:自定义字体,英 Segoe UI,中 雅黑。修正乱码,网页错位 详细说明:卡饭.全局雅黑后 淘宝/土豆/github/等 乱码特别修正 字体下载:百度网盘,如失效,请通知我修复 大陆CN字体/新马SG字体 使用入门:先选择下面列表中的中外文字体,再点击 + Install with Stylish 安装样式,如果系统里没安装列表中的字体,请到百度网盘下载,Edge : 需要先安装 TamperMonkey,再点击 install this style as a user script 安装样式,火狐:工具->选项->内容->高级-> √ 允许页面选择显示字体 / 网址->about:config->layout.css.unicode-range.enabled->true

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