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Classier Epicmafia

Riot 2 get that cat background away and for classier mafia. It's lit bois. Bring old background back

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Blave Icons IP Epicmafia role & setup icons created by Blave. These are a work in progress.

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Epicmafia - Dark Style 2010

It makes your Epicmafia web soooo dark like your soul is. :) It's combination of black, dark grey and azure colors and it's based on one style here. I changed rest of colors, added support for forum and shopped pictures to the dark version. Also, style includes effect text-shadow, which works best on Gecko engine (Mozilla Firefox or Lunascape). You can delete text-shadow hyperlink effect if you experience problem with it. It's one line in code. Enjoy it. VISIT FORUM: ____________ Changelog: 1.21 - 26/09/2010 - Reworked icons (testing) - Redone text-shadow effects - Fixed forum post editing - Slightly moved top menu on left side (thanks Normally) - Minor fixes 1.20 - 24/09/2010 - New logo - Edited top menu - Edited buttons text - Recoloured buttons for delete comments, rating setups and arrows with multisetups 1.19.1 - 23/09/2010 - Fixed friend requests (thanks Vigoroth) - Fixed family mission editing (thanks hiralarious) 1.19 - 17/09/2010 - W

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EpicMafia: Lights Out

A simple Dark version of EpicMafia, made for those who prefer a not-so-bright screen. Needs some Beta Testers. CHROME VERSION HERE

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EpicMafia Dark v1.0


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em user lzayaOrihara's style

pink hell edited things: games, lobbies, p much every other page (these aren't pink though), chatbox size, no ugly header bg 07/04 - updated more lobby things, yelled at inspect element 09/12 - fam edit fix plus some other things 09/12 #2 - WELCOME TO PINK HELL 11/20 - some stuff in minigames, fam & userpage container color fix 02/21 - more minigame fixes 5/30 - more more minigames 7/2 - ??? idr what i fixed

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EpicMafia Inverted: A Dark Theme

A dark "theme" - really it just inverts the colors of everything except avatars, roles, and custom colors. Some custom colors have also been edited to make them more readable ingame. This may slightly (?) reduce performance when navigating the site, as your browser will be inverting the entire page back and forth. Works for both Firefox and Chrome, possibly more.

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Background Removal

Removes the lobby background and replaces it with the scatter texture. The overall colour of the lobby is also turned back to white with this style applied.

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em tester

just testing something

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