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EpicMafia: Lights Out

A simple Dark version of EpicMafia, made for those who prefer a not-so-bright screen. Needs some Beta Testers. CHROME VERSION HERE

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EVERYTHING IS TOGEPI *note you will be unable to see your own role with this add-on installed.*

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Riddler's EM Icon Set

This will be updated as I make new icons. Riddler's EM Icon Revamp Project. TAKE NOTE IT IS NOT YET FINISHED.

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Blave EM Icon Set

EpicMafia Icon set made by Blave

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em user lzayaOrihara's style

pink hell edited things: games, lobbies, p much every other page (these aren't pink though), chatbox size, no ugly header bg 07/04 - updated more lobby things, yelled at inspect element 09/12 - fam edit fix plus some other things 09/12 #2 - WELCOME TO PINK HELL 11/20 - some stuff in minigames, fam & userpage container color fix

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EpicMafia Dark v1.0


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Epicmafia - Dark Style 2010

It makes your Epicmafia web soooo dark like your soul is. :) It's combination of black, dark grey and azure colors and it's based on one style here. I changed rest of colors, added support for forum and shopped pictures to the dark version. Also, style includes effect text-shadow, which works best on Gecko engine (Mozilla Firefox or Lunascape). You can delete text-shadow hyperlink effect if you experience problem with it. It's one line in code. Enjoy it. VISIT FORUM: ____________ Changelog: 1.21 - 26/09/2010 - Reworked icons (testing) - Redone text-shadow effects - Fixed forum post editing - Slightly moved top menu on left side (thanks Normally) - Minor fixes 1.20 - 24/09/2010 - New logo - Edited top menu - Edited buttons text - Recoloured buttons for delete comments, rating setups and arrows with multisetups 1.19.1 - 23/09/2010 - Fixed friend requests (thanks Vigoroth) - Fixed family mission editing (thanks hiralarious) 1.19 - 17/09/2010 - W

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