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Craigslist dark theme

This is a dark-themed, subdued style for Craigslist. It maintains much of Craigslist's simplistic design, however modernizes the aesthetics of it.

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Craigslist - Dark Shiny Grey, transparency

This style is a modification of Craigslist - Dark Shiny Blue, transparency by DaedalusIcarusHelios 11/22/09 - Set visited gray links to be a darker gray (suggested by Amber) 11/6/09 - Tweaked a few things, added glow to img hover in postings 9/8/09 - Fixed "Email this posting to a Friend" screen; Warning message (Font size +3) size set to fit; Choose location (from State); a bunch of other things (including fixes)

Updated: Aug 13, 2010 Installs This Week: 11 Average Rating: N/A
Craigstlist - Dark - Xmas

A style that darkens Craigslist backgrounds. It also makes unvisited links green and visited links red. Doesn't make the Background completely black or the links totally green/red; somewhat lessened contrast.

Updated: Dec 21, 2006 Installs This Week: 8 Average Rating: N/A
Craigslist GreySteel

Dark themed Craigslist with hint of steel blue...Simple Hover Effects...Uses -moz-linear-gradient so FF 3.6+ needed, although I did leave comments to uncomment the gradient and left code to use a simple background for those not using FF 3.6+... 9/8/10 -- Set font color to off-white in description area. Fixed added right column to match rest of front page. Derived from as I thought this is a good style...I did add quite a bit more to it and obviously changed the color scheme... Before/After pics are set to this style...

Updated: Sep 8, 2010 Installs This Week: 7 Average Rating: N/A

This makes Craigslist a lot easier to view. I have made a few more changes. I noticed there were a few things I missed and have added. Also added some shadows under the headers. Hope you like please comment...

Updated: Oct 26, 2009 Installs This Week: 6 Average Rating: N/A
Dark Craigslist

Amazing Craigslist Dark!

Updated: May 17, 2015 Installs This Week: 6 Average Rating: N/A
Craigslist Comprehensive Clean-up

This is a full-site user style that aims to pretty up all sections of Craigslist. I attempted to address every detail of the site, in order to provide a more legible and aesthetically pleasing experience. At the same time, I preserved much of the basic style of Craigslist. Don't expect anything too radical. It's still gray/white background, blue links. * Default font is changed from the browser-default of Times New Roman to Helvetica Neue/Arial. * Extra spacing and a greater leading has been added for better legibility. * Front landing pages have been tidied up and is now presented in three columns. All those tiny blocks are gone. * Perhaps the biggest difference is that Table-of-Contents and Listing pages are now only 700px wide. This setting greatly improves legibility for long blocks of text. However, any listings that employ in-line styling with a custom width might have content that extends outside the new skinnier width. Last updated 10 Aug 2009

Updated: Aug 10, 2009 Installs This Week: 5 Average Rating: N/A
Craigslist - Nice On The Eyes

A simple style to ease the strain on the eyes while viewing full white and bright user interfaces. The colors were chosen at random, but tried to maintain a consistent flow for all pages. Enjoy this style, and if you come across anything that could be fixed, please let me know. Thanks! - Rae Capri

Updated: Jul 15, 2015 Installs This Week: 5 Average Rating: N/A
Craigslist - Dark

Black and green craigslist, I think I addressed everything, but if you find something that is broken or looks funny, let me know.

Updated: Jan 9, 2015 Installs This Week: 3 Average Rating: N/A