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mtness HD: centered

First style of the "mtness HD" series. A collection of snippets to adapt sites I like "for the big screen"[1440x960 and beyond]. That means: Missing stylesheets for bigger resolutions become increasingly annoying. I dislike the thought of html pages stretching all over the viewport, or left-aligned layouts. even though I always use a maximized browser window. (and AdBlock+, of course!) The "mtness HD" series of userstyles is dedicated to fix this for selected sites. You should have a look at my other styles, too! -> Towards Perfection, mtness.

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Eric S. Raymond writings – improve readability

Makes some online books and articles by Eric S. Raymond ( much easier to read. Affects The Jargon File, The Art of Unix Programming, The Art of Unix Usability, A Brief History of Hackerdom, The Cathedral and the Bazaar, and The Unix Koans of Master Foo, as well as some of the articles linked from Eric’s Random Writings.

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Printable Art of Unix Usability

A lightly edited version of the page to make it a bit cleaner to export to PDF.

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