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BasilMarket - Halloween Theme

BasilMarket - Halloween Theme *************************************************************** The Theme *************************************************************** Features of my BasilMarket - Halloween Theme include: • New banner • New background • New headers • Translucent/highlight menus • New post gradient • New buttons • Changed Text colours • Changed Sticky colours Here is a preview of my theme. (Its a big picture, so it might take a while to load) *************************************************************** Change Log *************************************************************** 08-10-22 • Release of theme - Homepage, Screens, Videos, all sections under BasilID menu • Fixed Top Message font colour, fixed mail page 08-10-22 • Fixed Safari and Internet Explorer style sheet problems 08-10-22 • Finished all Monster pages • Finished all Item and Au

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Basil dark blue forest 1.11b by Q9R42

PREVIEW HERE: Basilmarket dark blue forest Beta 1.11 -revamped header menu -seperate friends scroll menu in header -CSS3 galore, text shine on hovering in a lot of links, fine borders and more -Fresh blue stylish look -Transparent -Modified player page. Changes: 1.1 -Added a few extra effects and reduced some lag. 1.11 -Fixed the friends-list scroll 'lag' -It now shows the scroll bar of the mouse is on the friends-list 1.2 -Might make this someday later.. It will be the final where i fix every link to be colored correctly. ~Enjoy :3

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MrB changed the coloring on the labels of the forums. This changes them to the same blue as the forum bar. As you can see you can easily edit it to be any color.

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Many users liked the sparklemarket theme during april the 1st joke. This is a modified version of the theme that was used that day

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BasilMarket - New Mail (bright)

Makes the "New Mail" notice very easy to see

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LemonLicker's Army Theme

An army theme for Basil. I was too lazy to copy-paste some of the fixes from vusys, so you are going to have to copy them by yourself. Also, if photobucket goes down, this will probably go down, too (until photobucket comes back up). I am quitting Basil, so this will never be updated and you will have to edit stuff on your own.

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BasilMarket Tweak - Remove Search Bar

BasilMarket Tweak - Remove Search Bar *************************************************************** The Tweak *************************************************************** • Hides the entire search bar ******************************************************************************************* View my Other BasilMarket Themes/Tweaks on my userpage here: Dumbfugi *******************************************************************************************

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