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speed dial美化

speed dial美化

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Speed Dial

added new icons for refresh and delete buttons

Updated: Jun 16, 2011 Installs This Week: 8 Average Rating: N/A
Speed Dial Yama-Mod

I used 2 Styles for that Mod. One of them is Didn't remember, what the other one is. With this Style, the titles from the 'Sites' hidden. The Border is much thiner, and on hover the transparency is 0%. You can edit all the values in the code, how you like it. It works much better with Hardware-Acceleration turned on on Firefox. If you want set a backgroundpicture, use the settings of Speedial.

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Speed Dial Clone

This is a Firefox user stylesheet. This Speed Dial theme mimicks the look and feel of the (old) Firefox speed dial page. It is heavily based on subject to speed dial and Speed Dial Yama-Mod. For best optic, change the addon settings to: extensions.speeddial.enableGroups = false extensions.speeddial.heightModifierType = 1 extensions.speeddial.loadInNewTab = true extensions.speeddial.widthModifier = 200 extensions.speeddial.widthModifierType = 1

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Firefox Speeddial Semi Transparent Clean 2016

Firefox Speed dial with semi transparent thumbnails and top bar purified. It can be used with every kind of wallpapers (look the screenshots) This style run with speeddial addon for Firefox

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Firefox - Semi Transparent Speed Dial

Speed Dial Add-On for Firefox: This style makes the panels more transparent. Furthermore you may use preview images with alpha channel now, it won't add a background anymore. Screenshots: There's an option within the extension itself to hide empty slots, but i didn't want them to be completely invisible. You can change the color of the title by changing the values in the first block of code.

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(No screenshot available)


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Speed Dial - Firefox about:newtab

Style for Speed Dial add-on. It is based on Firefox 36.0+ about:newtab page. Not exactly the same, but looks nice and clean.

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