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Super! Fast Dial

Fast Dial Thumbnail Bubble Effect! This code gives fast dial thumbnails a bubble effect. You can change the -moz-border-radius for rounder effect. Enjoy!

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Opera Speed Dial theme for Fast Dial add-on

Opera Speed Dial theme for the Fast Dial add-on in Firefox. You can use the Stylish code here or download the zip file ( and import using the Fast Dial import function. Optional: check the 'Fixed' checkbox in Fast Dial preference.

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Fast Dial - The Pirate Bay

Dark, handsome, appearance of the window "Fast Dial", with the logo of "The Pirate Bay". It will be useful to owners of monitors with bright backlighting, as it does not strike the eye, sharp, bright light. Темный, симпатичный, внешний вид окна "Fast Dial", с логотипом "The Pirate Bay". Будет полезен обладателям мониторов с яркой подсветкой, так как не бьет по глазам, резким, ярким светом.

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Fast Dial like opera

Fast Dial like opera

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Fastdial add-on in Firefox gets a bit of margin from the top of the page.

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Fast Dial some

Fast Dial some

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