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Steven Saus injects people with radioactivity as his day job, but only to serve the forces of good.

He is an author, sociologist, publisher, and nuclear medicine technologist living in Dayton, Ohio. His first venture into writing and publishing was while in second grade using a mimeograph machine. He has been writing ever since.

He blogs at Ideatrash.


Darker Remember the Milk (new UI)

The UI of RTM has changed, so all the styles broke. This darkens, removes the cow, and puts a few keyboard shortcuts back in. Should preserve font-rendered icons and priority coloration. Choose the "Outer Space" Theme in the RTM user interface; I'm using that as a base so this remains a tweak, not a rewrite. There are probably a few small elements (especially on popup things) that aren't quite fixed yet; it's a work in progress. You can also follow progress on GitHub.

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Firefox Dark UI

My personal tweaks of Firefox Dark Duality with some extra bits thrown in and removing some of the menu shine and such. Mine is used in conjunction with Classic Theme Restorer

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GLOBAL Dark Style: Wombat Style (Firefox/Mozilla)

My fork of "Global dark style - changes everything to DARK" that tweaks things a bit more the way I like them for usability. This is not a dark solarized or zenburn or or or, though I draw from all of those a bit. I have also begun to ad an anti-anti-ad blocker bit, though I will probably spin that off into another style. The wombat thing is just because I like wombats. Sorry, currently styled for Firefox/Iceweasel only. Updated as I find and fix things. Please note that I use a separate dark style for Google services (including YouTube), Facebook, and my own darker UI for Remember the Milk. Those change too frequently for me to keep them as part of this style.

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Google Plus 2.0 wide (FORK)

This is a fork of Google Plus 2.0 Wide. It widens the two-column view, tested down to 1024 width.

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RTM++ (fork)

This is my fork of the RTM++ style by Kylir Horton ( with a little wider spacing and darkened letters. This has been completely broken by the new UI; check out the style at

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Scroll Details Card on Google Contacts

I wasn't able to scroll the details card on Google Contacts. This vexed me. So I fixed it and trimmed a little bit of the padding.

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