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Styles - [Deprecated] / Black+Cyan recolor

I have stopped any active development on this style, as I no longer spend as much time on For an alternative I suggest Purple/Black/Gray & Ad Removal, which is what I use now. I will leave the style in its current for for reference and historic purposes. --- high contrast black background with cyan text. Updates all site text to cyan and majority of site backgrounds to shades of black. Links are colored purple to offset the text. If the colors in this style do not suit you, please try Purple/Black/Gray & Ad Removal for a somewhat similar set of colors with a focus on grays, or FanFiction.Net - Dark Colors + Ad Removal for a significantly brighter alternative. Updates will generally happen when a particular ffnet style change annoys me into action. It is entirely possible for things to go unnoticed for some time, especially if they affect parts of the site I rarely visit. If you have a feature request, just drop me an email at Update 09-29-09: I swear, Xing tries to break these addons or s

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