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Awesome bar - one liner

i doubt it'll work with the oldbar extension adjust height (to show more results goto about:config and change browser.urlbar.maxRichResults) #PopupAutoCompleteRichResult{height:306px!important}

Updated: Jul 17, 2008 Installs This Week: 0 Average Rating: N/A - cleaner

the upload area shows up on other pages just not the download page Update:removed a few ads resized main area

Updated: Feb 28, 2007 Installs This Week: 1 Average Rating: N/A - cleaner

Updates: changed adv search added a border to torrent listing remove some extra space/main header title added columns to file listing

Updated: Apr 16, 2009 Installs This Week: 0 Average Rating: N/A
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Bookmarks toolbar - icons only with favicon

if a bookmark doesn't have a favicon it shows the label if it has a favicon it doesn't show the label Firefox - Hide Default favicons (hides default favicons for urlbar and tabs) Update: updated for ff3

Updated: Feb 21, 2015 Installs This Week: 0 Average Rating: N/A
CuteButtons - Crystal SVG

you need to MANUALLY INSTALL this style (or add icons to buttons/menus/anywhere rotates icons on hover/active (look near the top of the style to remove) <----- Installation help -----> 1. download this (png updated: Feb 05 2015) (rename to mosaic.png) 2. place mosaic.png in \Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\ (it can also be anything that uses Stylish or UserChrome.css) 3. open this in firefox, click the stylish icon and choose "Install file" or "Add File to Stylish" (if you use UserChrome.css remember to remove the @namespace line) 4. open css, find and replace all file:///R:/Palemoon/mosaicicons/mosaic.png with file:///C:/program files/mozilla firefox/mosaic.png (or where ever you want) 5. restart firefox uses CuteMenus Crystal SVG (

Updated: Dec 6, 2010 Installs This Week: 0 Average Rating: N/A