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Styles - cleaner

uses code from pile0nades's excellent Slashdot Classic 2.0 (it hasnt been updated for awhile so i figure no point in having two styles) add to display:none rule to hide article icons #articles .topic, this code is kind of a monstrosity so it can be bugged looking at times Updates: hide leftside menu till hover/active (click+drag on a link to keep it open) made idle more like the rest changed comments border bunch of fixes worked on the comments box fix for tag arrow widen idle comment reply fixed firehose page a bit fix for large whitespace on some pages a couple of changes for the new stuff change fixed font comments to usual font fix for search blocked by previous stories some fixes for idle. fix for Anonymous Cowardon changed searchbox not to expand on hover couple fixes for tech. removing the ads question box also removed the user box from articles

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for now it should only work for post a msg in the forums if you have another language to add

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