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GMail 2.0 Redesigned - Grays and Blues

Now included in Lifehacker's Better GMail 2 Firefox Extension: Thanks guys! A compilation of designs and tweaks (thanks to Paulfox and lan @, marteau @, and countless others (who I just can't remember, but appreciate) from whom I snipped bits of code). This is my first style. I'm not a programmer, and my code might not be consistent, so please be kind. ;-) A larger version of the screenshot: Specifically, here is a list of all the items this style will change: * Default font is changed to Segoe UI, Tahoma, or Verdana. * Background for interface (not individual messages) is changed to light gray. * GMail logo is replaced by one which does not have the Beta graphic. * Storage info/usage is moved to the top right. * Buttons are rounded and are light gray, with yellow hover effect. * The blue line below t

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